Review of the military issued poncho liner woobie

Ever Wonder Why U.S. Marines Can’t Live Without Their “Woobie?”

In the United States Marine Corps, we are referred to as “The Few, The Proud!” U.S. Marines are also known for their intestinal fortitude, toughness and all-around Hard-Charging attitudes. So why the hell do we all refer to our favorite piece of military issued gear as our “Woobie?!” From my understanding, the poncho liner or […]

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Using A Shepherd's Sling tutorial

Using A Shepherd’s Sling (TUTORIAL)

Here Is My Video Tutorial On Using The Shepherd’s Sling: I was first introduced to the Shepherd’s Sling by my grandfather. I was in Northern Portugal, visiting the family and my grandfather pulled out this “gadget” made on some cordage and leather straps. He explained to me how his dad would use a Shepherd’s Sling […]

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