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Rucking has been a part of my life for quite some time. It started in my early days in the boy scouts.

We would load up our packs in the parking lot, to a point that we would almost topple over. We would then race nearly 2 miles, to our campsites, where we would spend the remainder of the week.

Throughout those years in the scouts, I thought that we were the coolest kids in town, with these incredible feats of fitness and stamina. But then reality set in when I became a United States Marine.

Rucking was no longer a thing that we did as experienced scouts, it was now a way of life. I was an infantry Marine, rucking was not anything to look forward to in the Corps. It was just a way for us to get from point A to point B, as miserably as possible.

Well, the fun and mysticism of rucking was now gone for me,  but the benefits brought on by rucking was something that no Grunt could ever overlook.


As a civilian, I have continued rucking and get out there as often as I can. My missions and goals may now be a bit different than they were in the  Corps, but the benefits have become even greater than they were when I was an active duty Marine. Age tends to do that to you.

Today, I want to share with you 10 benefits of rucking and why you should get started with this beneficial activity… Now!

So let’s get started.

  • Get Out In Nature: The smells, the sounds and even tastes in the air seem to give us a different perspective on life. The health guru’s and even medical personal recommend spending time in nature. Rucking facilitates that process and even encourages it.
  • Mental & Physical Health: Weight-loss, endurance, strength and even a healthy dose of Vitamin D are all benefits and even staples of rucking. When it comes to mental health, rucking provides a focus and a calmness that has to be experienced before it is understood.
  • Anyone Can Do It: Regardless of your fitness level any even limitations, rucking can be adapted to almost anyone. The same goes for climate and even weather that you choose to ruck in. With the right gear, know-how and training, anyone can partake in a ruck. There is very little intimidation and the process of rucking is natural for most.
  • Comradery: Get out there with like-minded individuals. This provides motivation and even a sense of belonging. Others that ruck, get you. Anyone can ruck, but rucking isn’t for everyone. Those that gravitate towards the challenges of rucking also tend to bond with each other.
  • Efficient/Flexible: Rucking can be adapted to your current fitness level as well as your time schedule. When you are short on time, you can decrease the distance and ruck faster, with more weight in your pack. When you have more time to devote to rucking, your reverse that; Increase distance, slow your pace and lighten your load.
  • Preparedness And Survival Ready: We buy gear in case SHTF. Instead of just keeping it staged for an emergency, take that go-bag and use it to ruck with. In an emergency, this is exactly what you may have to do to get to safety. You may as well practice with a real scenario when you are out there rucking. Perfect Practice Makes Perfect!

    Here’s What To Bring:

  • Perfect Activity With Your Dog: Dogs need exercise, just like we do. They also need to interact with their environment; lots of sniffing. By bringing your dog along for a ruck gives you company and lessens your excuse for not rucking. Once you see those puppy eyes, after grabbing the leash, you know that there is no stopping you now. Rucking is a great activity for you and your dog to enjoy together.
  • Exploring:  Some rucks are setup for exploration while others are all about stepping out and achieving the time and pace that you set for yourself. When rucking close to home and exploring, you will see things on your ruck that you never noticed before. You will pick up on little details that you missed every other time that you passed by that same location.
  • Patriotic: Rucking has always been a major military activity. Many veterans like me adn those that support us, are out there rucking on a weekly basis. As people drive by us, as we ruck, they are reminded of our military and how much we love our country. They see our patches, our flags and even our military-issued gear. We become a type of ambassador for our country, continually reminding the world throughout our ruck, how lucky and proud we are to live in America.
  • Awards: They are many rucking groups and organizations that you can belong to. These organizations set up events where you can earn patches and other awards. It becomes a great motivator! You get out there and ruck, as you work towards the goal of earning that patch. There are even awards within my Warrior Zero Project where you can earn a patch by rucking with us.

There are many more features and benefits of running.  I wanted to share a few that stand out to me. But it is now your turn to get out there and find out what rucking has to offer you.