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The prepper community has gotten a lot of attention over the past couple of years. There are thousands of web pages and even TV shows devoted to prepping. I for one am a full believer in preparedness. The motto for Natural Training Center is “Always Prepared” and to us, that isn’t just a tagline. Our Tribe is based in New Jersey so when Hurricane Sandy hit us with such force, it really brought the importance of preparedness home; especially to those that looked at us “preparedness folks” as the strange uncle in the dark corner staring everyone down at the birthday party with his crazy eyes.

5 Reasons Why Every Prepper Should Own a KettlebellBut when Sandy hit us, everyone in NJ seemed to want to start up a conversation with Uncle Crazy Eyes. 😉 So I decided to blog about 5 reasons why every prepper should own a kettlebell.

There are many facets to being prepared and at NTC we are continually learning and sharing with the preparedness community. There are so many creative and effective methods being taught and experienced by the community and we are fortunate to have access to that information. It’s amazing how much ingenuity goes into a balanced plan for prepping ourselves as well as our Tribe/Family. The unfortunate trend that I do see in the community is the lack of energy devoted to health and fitness.

Many in the community have enough food & water to last them and their Tribe for well over a year. They have every weapon known to mankind and enough ammunition to fend off an attack from a small country. However, when it comes to their health and fitness, most couldn’t carry a couple gallons of water for 1/2 a mile. Do we really need to carry 2 gallons of water that far? Well maybe, maybe not but isn’t the purpose here to get prepared for whatever scenario gets thrown at us?

On various reality TV prepper shows the “preppers” are featuring their amazing storage of gourmet meals and treats. One cast member even made a comment that when everyone else will be starving, she will be gaining weight. Unfortunately, the prepper was overweight to begin with. She mentioned in the show that she was on medication for various ailments.

OK, so she is on medication because of unhealthy habits, her focus is prepping a bunch of gourmet food in case “Shit Goes Down” but she devotes zero time to combating her current health ailments; let alone preventing future ones?

This prepper would have no ability to evade and escape let alone travel on foot to a safer location if the need were to arise. Instead of the asset that this prepper thought that she was… I tend to think of her as more of a liability, if she were part of my tribe.

Most preppers avoid preparing their bodies for what is to come. I’m not5 Reasons Why Every Prepper Should Own a Kettlebell sure why this isn’t a priority but like I stated earlier, we learn from each other. I offer health and fitness tips that I feel are elementary to the preparedness community. However in return, when I am taught something by the prepper community, they give me the puzzled look as if to say “Dude, you really didn’t know that?”

So I am not here to preach from the pulpit. I am here to share and learn; Always searching for a better way. We need a community and we need diversified skills in order to maintain the Tribe. So we Share..

After all, I want to be able to create some of those gourmet meals that the prepper mentioned above was preparing. She does possess a very important skill-set that not only adds to nutrition value but also, am amazing morale builder. So she shares with us and in return, I share with them. The key here is to actually digest that information and put it into use.

There are many ways to work on health and fitness as preppers. For us here at my Warrior Zero Project, the one tool that seems to outshine the rest is the kettlebell. The benefits are unmatched and the versatility makes it a staple for any prepping organization. I can go on for quite a while praising the kettlebell and what it has done for me and my members. For the purpose of this post, I want to give you 5 reasons why everyone that is serious about prepping should have and use a kettlebell.

Top 5 Reasons Why Every Prepper Should Own A Kettlebell:

1:) Endurance and Strength- When training with kettlebells correctly, 5 Reasons Why Every Prepper Should Own a Kettlebellthere are many diverse protocols or workouts that can be used to build strength and endurance at the same time. (It all starts with the Bodyweight Challenge)

2:) You can Cook on it- Yes, since some of our kettlebells are made of 100% cast iron with no coating, this makes the kettlebell a perfect platform to cook on in a pinch. If you like dutch oven cooking, or cooking on hot stones, then give the kettlebell a try. (click here for the “Steak on a Kettlebell” post and video)

3:) Multi-purpose tool- since most of our kettlebells are 100% cast iron, we can use it to accomplish various tasks. We have already mentioned cooking but you can also use it as an anchor, hammer, tie down, trap & snare tool, counter balance, nut cracker, a weapon and whatever else your mind can conjure up in a sticky situation.

4:) Durable & Portable- The kettlebell will most likely outlast us as well as everyone in our tribe. You can drop it, throw it, burn it and even yell at it with very little damage being done. For a prepper, knowing that your tool is always at the ready, makes it a keeper! Placing it in your bug-out vehicle, since it takes up little space, will ensure that you can keep up with your fitness & remain healthy.

5:) Develop Combatives Attributes- My initial kettlebell teachers would always remind me that certain kettlebell exercises are the closest that we will ever get to a Combative situation without throwing a strike. Well, years later I still agree with that statement. This idea rings true for preppers because self-defense is a critical part of being prepared.

Practicing with kettlebells will aide you in recruiting certain movements patterns that will enhance your existing Combative skills.

Thank you for reading, I hope that you found this information useful.

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