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Here Is My Video Review On The nCamp Kitchen Bundle:

I am a big fan of coffee. Enjoying a tasty cup of java, while out in the field, is something that I look forward to. I have percolators, drip systems and even carry instant coffee- for in a pinch use. But enjoying a good cup of espresso… Well, I certainly didn’t have any gear that would fill that void.ncamp kitchen bundle review

I came across the Kitchen Bundle by nCamp. Not only did this bundle come with a low-profile bio-fuel burning stove, a prep station, weatherproof fire-starters, but it also featured an espresso coffee maker called the Café.

Now, My Curiosity Was Peaked!

Within my Warrior Zero Project, I spend a great deal of time on the trail with my members. I knew that a good cup of espresso would go a long way in making our time in the field, just a little bit more enjoyable. Not only would I be a willing participant, but so would many of my members.

I had to pick up one of these bundles and put it through my review process.

At first glance, all of the gear in the bundle seemed like it would hold up in the field. The components were relatively lightweight but durable. I like the fact that these components were put together with a lot of thought. The prep station and the stove nest well together. This allows them to be stuffed into a sack and affixed to either the outside or even inside my pack.

The espresso maker reminded me of a smaller version of what I use it home. A cup is attached to the top of the espresso maker giving it a similar profile to a standard water bottle. The handles of the coffee maker do not get hot. Since the espresso maker gets extremely hot when making coffee, having this feature is ideal for both function as well as safety.

But Does It Make Good Coffee?

From my experience with bio-fuel stoves, I knew right from the unboxing that the stove would perform well. It was easy to see that the prep station and the weatherproof fire-starters would easily work as described by nCamp. But could this espresso maker provide me with a great cup of coffee while out on the trail?

I’m happy to report back that I was extremely impressed with the coffee this espresso “machine” produced. It brought out the flavor that I was used to from my homemade espresso. There was no burnt taste and the coffee was ready in just a few minutes.


  • Stove & Prep Surface are compact & collapsible and designed to nest together
  • Prep Surface has a bamboo, anti-microbial and elevated top surface
  • Café makes espresso-style coffee and is about the size of a water bottle
  • Café comes with a nesting cup with a silicone wrap for grip and insulation
  • Lighting Sticks are weatherproof

Bottom Line:

If you are in the market for a complete bio-fuel kitchen system, that includes a great espresso maker, take a close look at this nCamp Kitchen Bundle. I know that I will be adding this espresso maker to my main backpack and will enjoy plenty of tasty coffee for years to come.

Keep in mind that each of the components in this bundle are also sold separately. This will give you options whether you only want one specific component or you want to build your setup, one piece at a time.

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