“My mission is to introduce systems and shortcuts that will make you self reliant; Allowing you to become more independent with each passing day.”


Coach Helder is Actively or Has Achieved:

Warrior Zero Project

→Combatives and Fitness Coach to the U.A.E. Special Police
(Abu Dhabi & Dubai)

→ Personal Protection
(International Diplomats -Abu Dhabi & Dubai)

teaching middle east
“Teaching Special Forces In The Middle East”

→ Infantry Marine
(United States Marine Corps)

→ Featured Writer

→ NRA Certified Pistol Instructor
(National Rifle Association of America)

→ NRA Certified Range Safety Officer
(National Rifle Association of America)

coach helder teaching in germany
“Teaching In Bamberg, Germany”

→ NRA Certified Rifle Instructor
(National Rifle Association of America)

→ Security Officer/Private Protection
(SORA Certified)

→ Eagle Scout w/ 4 Palms
(Boy Scouts of America)

→ National Academy of Sports Medicine
(Certified Personal Trainer)

→ National Academy of Sports Medicine
(Performance Enhancement Specialist)

→ National Academy of Sports Medicine
(Corrective Exercise Specialist)

→ Professional Association of Dive Instructors
(Certified Rescue Diver)

(Field Instructor)

uae with mohammed
“We Travel As Teachers, But It Is A Humbling Experience When The Teacher Continually Becomes The Student.”

→ RKC Certified Instructor
(Russian Kettlebell) 

→ Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition
(Cornell University)

→ Okami Sumika 2nd DAN Black Belt
(Japanese Martial Arts)

→ PRAMEK Instructor(Russian Martial Arts)

→ Blade Smart System Full Instructor
(Filipino Martial Arts)

teaching in brazil
“Teaching At REIS BJJ Academy in Sao Paulo, Brazil.”

→ United States ARMY National Guard
(Officer Candidate School)

→ Woodbadge Recipient
(Boy Scouts of America)

→ 2011 NYC Marathon Finisher
(minimalist footwear)

→ Amateur HAM Radio Licensed Operator
Call Sign (W2NTC)

Fluent in English, Portuguese & Spanish

service connected disabled veteran owned company