Coach Helder GomesCoach Helder has had a passion for the outdoors, combatives, and preparedness his entire life; whether it is from his time spent earning the rank of Eagle Scout in his early teens, to his tour as an active-duty United States Marine. He shares his skill set by teaching military and law enforcement all around the world.

When Helder isn’t traveling to teach, you can find him on the trail hiking with his dogs while he tests survival gear and new methods and skills for his students.

These survival and preparedness skills have helped him through many situations, from the mundane, to the life threatening. His passion is teaching the hard earned skills and knowledge he has accumulated over the years and conveying the information to people in easy to understand ways.

Whether his students are elite military operators or soccer moms, Coach Helder’s method can be incorporated by anyone wanting to better themselves.

Coach Helder is the founder of the Warrior Zero Project and is continually developing new content for his members as he strives to keep them;
Always Prepared!

Coach Helder is Actively or Has Achieved:

Warrior Zero Project

→Combatives and Fitness Coach to the U.A.E. Special Police
(Abu Dhabi & Dubai)

→ Personal Protection
(International Diplomats -Abu Dhabi & Dubai)

teaching middle east

“Teaching Special Forces In The Middle East”

→ Infantry Marine
(United States Marine Corps)

→ Featured Writer

→ NRA Certified Pistol Instructor
(National Rifle Association of America)

→ NRA Certified Range Safety Officer
(National Rifle Association of America)

coach helder teaching in germany

“Teaching In Bamberg, Germany”

→ NRA Certified Rifle Instructor
(National Rifle Association of America)

→ Security Officer/Private Protection
(SORA Certified)

→ Eagle Scout w/ 4 Palms
(Boy Scouts of America)

→ National Academy of Sports Medicine
(Certified Personal Trainer)

→ National Academy of Sports Medicine
(Performance Enhancement Specialist)

→ National Academy of Sports Medicine
(Corrective Exercise Specialist)

→ Professional Association of Dive Instructors
(Certified Rescue Diver)

(Field Instructor)

uae with mohammed

“We Travel As Teachers, But It Is A Humbling Experience When The Teacher Continually Becomes The Student.”

→ RKC Certified Instructor
(Russian Kettlebell) 

→ Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition
(Cornell University)

→ Okami Sumika 2nd DAN Black Belt
(Japanese Martial Arts)

→ PRAMEK Instructor
(Russian Martial Arts)

→ Blade Smart System Full Instructor
(Filipino Martial Arts)

teaching in brazil

“Teaching At REIS BJJ Academy in Sao Paulo, Brazil.”

→ United States ARMY National Guard
(Officer Candidate School)

→ Woodbadge Recipient
(Boy Scouts of America)

→ 2011 NYC Marathon Finisher
(minimalist footwear)

→ Amateur HAM Radio Licensed Operator
Call Sign (W2NTC)

Fluent in English, Portuguese & Spanish

service connected disabled veteran owned company