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I enjoy activities on the beach. Whether it is running along the shoreline, swimming, snorkeling and even body surfing. One piece of gear that I find valuable when performing these activities is a good pair of sandals. The less construction on these sandals, the better for me. I prefer a minimalist feel, getting me as close to barefoot as possible, while still being protected from fishing tackle, jagged rocks and even glass. I was recently sent a pair of Aqua Cloud XERO Shoes sandals to review and so far, so good!

I was just on a trip in Brazil and was fortunate enough to spend a good amount of time beach hopping. I had a pair of Z-Trail XERO Shoes with me which have been my go-to water shoe over the past few years. The issue that I have with them was the fact that the fastening system contained velcro. This makes them ideal for getting them on and off with ease. But in a beach environment, sand and tiny pebbles stick to the velcro, especially when wet. This was not a deal breaker for me because of all the benefits that these Z-Trail sandals offered me. But when I saw that the new Aqua Cloud sandals had a different fastening system, with no velcro, I knew that i had to get a pair and test them out.

The Aqua Cloud sandals offer a wide toe-box as well as a zero drop heel. There is 3mm barefoot foam that runs along the whole sole making them even more comfortable and there is less sliding when they get wet. My US Mens size 11 weigh in at 5.6oz so they are very lightweight; allowing me to stow them anywhere without taking up much space. This makes them ideal for travel especially in beach areas. I have already explained the fastening system with no velcro and these sandals float which gives them another thumbs up when using them for water activities.


If you are looking for a minimalist sandal, that is durable as well as comfortable, take a look at these Aqua Cloud sandals by Xero Shoes. These sandals will perform well on land and will easily become your favorite water shoe.

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