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Here Is My Video Review On The Aqua Training Bags:

I enjoy keeping up with the latest tools that will enhance both mine and my clients’ training. I was watching a special on Showtime and they were featuring up upcoming boxing match. As they were showing some of the, behind the scenes footage, I noticed one of the competitors working a heavy bag that I had not seen before. I took a closer look and the logo on the bag stated, Aqua Training Bag. I went onto my laptop in order to research a bit about this cool looking training aid.

I decided to send an email to the Aqua Training Bag customer service to inquire more about these striking bags. I received a reply in virtually, No Time, which impressed me from the start. I like what I read, as far as the specs on these bags. Once I found out that they were Made In The USA, I decided to order a couple for my Warrior Zero Project. Within a couple of days, (2) Aqua Training Bags arrived at my training center.

I realized that these bags needed to be filled with water so I payed close attention to the instructions. After gathering all the tools that I knew were required, I began the installation process. These bags come, empty in a box and are compressed. The manufacturer recommended filling them with an air compressor, first, in order for the bags to take their shape and to make the water-filling process a bit easier. After filling them with air, I installed the proper hardware on my beam and hung the bags. From there, I was able to easily fill them with my water hose. There is a nozzle, that is included in the kit, which attaches to the water hose. The nozzle is configured in a way that allows the air to escape as the water begins to fill the bag.

The process was relatively painless and I spilled a hell of a lot less water on my mats than I thought I would. I have been incorporating these bags into my training for the past 3 months. I have to say that I am extremely happy with the way that these bags have been performing. They bring a more realistic feel to my training whether I’m striking with my hands or even for various weapons applications.


21″ Blood Red Aqua Training Bag-

  • 21-inch 190-pound Heavy Punching Bag – Ships Unfilled (15 lbs)
  • For Experienced & Novice Fighters – Improves Punching Power, Agility, Flexibility and Accuracy While Easier on Joints
  • Tested by MMA Experts, Boxing Professionals and Novice Boxers Around the World
  • Multipurpose – Designed for Indoor and Outdoor Use for Commercial Gyms or Home Gyms
  • Durable and Long Lasting – No Hard Spots or Settling – Backed by a 2-Year Warranty
  • Made In The USA
  • Unique Teardrop Shape Allows You To Deliver Powerful Combinations Including Deep Uppercuts
  • Commercial-Grade Vinyl Composition Will Ensure Durability And Less Wear And Tear On Your Joints
  • Say Goodbye To The Underwhelming Settling And Hard Spots

Aqua Bruiser Bag-

  • Same Construction And Attributes As The Specs Listed Above For 21″ Bag
  • Shaped like a torso to replicate a person that is 6′ 1″ tall.
  • Weighs 160 lbs when filled with water. Ships Unfilled
  • Hang in desired spot then fill with water.
  • 2 Year Warranty

Bottom Line:

If you are in the market for a quality heavy bag, designed to keep you healthier while adding versatility, take a look at these Aqua Training Bags. They have added a different, welcomed, dimension to my training. They are working out very well for me and my clients… Hopefully, they will work just as well for you.

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