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Paracord has become extremely popular over the past few years. I was first exposed to paracord or (550 cord) while on active duty as a U.S. Marine. It was our go-to cordage while in the field. If something needed to be tied, repaired, hung up or even basic pioneering projects… paracord was always present to assist in the job.

The survival community took the use of paracord a bit further by bundling it into various, wearable, projects. You can find all sorts of items made from paracord. There are bracelets, belts and even dog leashes made from the trusty paracord. You are basically limited by your imagination when it comes to the endless applications that paracord offers.

Recently, I got my hands on a couple Cobra Survival Bracelets by the Atomic Bear. These bracelets come in a (2-pack) and have a couple of unique features bundled in. To begin with, they contain a small ferro rod and scraper, that can easily start a fire in a pinch. They have a small, built in, compass that can help to orient your way if your main compass is unavailable.

The Cobra Survival Bracelet is adjustable. This is a feature that i have not seen on paracord bracelets before. They are usually one-size-fits-all which becomes a bit of a sizing problem for some. This bracelet also has a bundled whistle. In an emergency, it can certainly help to get you noticed and hopefully… Rescued!


  • WEAR A SURVIVAL KIT – Perfectly adjustable stylish bracelet that is also an efficient fire starter, reliable compass, badass loud whistle, an emergency knife and 12 feet of military-grade 550 paracord.
  • A FIRE CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE – Number one survival utility: start hundreds of fire in all conditions: cold, water and wind resistant.
  • LOOK GOOD AND BE THE ONE PREPARED WHEN TSHTF – Perfectly adjustable to any wrist size, lightweight, durable, men’s favorite Cobra threading, quick release buckle.
  • MILITARY GRADE PARACORD – Tested for 550 lbs – made of seven inner strands a.k.a. fire tinder, fishing line or sewing string. Clever to wear it when camping, fishing, hiking gear, hunting gear, outdooring.
  • LIMITED TIME OFFER – PACK OF 2 (one black + orange and black) – Get a survival e-book and lifetime warranty through The Atomic Bear manufacturer.
  • Crafted from 12 feet of woven paracord.

Bottom Line:

If you are looking for an in-expensive kit that will certainly go a long way in helping during a SHTF scenario, take a closer look at the Cobra Survival Bracelet package. I prefer to strap these bracelets onto the webbing of my go-bags as opposed to wearing them as bracelets. They give me a bit of redundancy with crucial pieces of survival gear.

If you are in the market for a survival bracelet with a few key features, take a close look at these by The Atomic Bear. They may be a great compliment to your emergency preparedness needs.

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