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Here Is My Video Review On The SWAT Tactical Pen:

Tactical pens have become quite popular over the past few years. Today, you can find all sorts of features bundled in with a tactical pen. But keep in mind the main application for a tactical pen; Self-Defense.
At often times, the main purpose of the tactical pen gets overlooked at the expense of integrated cool gadgets. The integrity of the pen becomes jeopardized and even the design makes deploying blows impractical.

Recently, I was able to add a SWAT Tactical Pen by The Atomic Bear to my gear list. I definitely looks like a tactical pen and is made of durable materials. It fits well in the hand, especially in a reverse-grip. The cap on the pen features a protruded area which helps your thumb to maintain contact. Another cool feature that I like about this particular pen is that it comes with a sheath. It is the first tac-pen that I have owned that included a holder, and a quality one at that.


  • Impact tip made of tungsten carbide (armor-piercing material)
  • Anti-rust T6063 aircraft grade aluminum shaft
  • Stable thumb grip for a maximum force
  • High quality nib and ink
  • Extra ultra strong impact-proof tip
  • Break through glass, ceramic and metal
  • Never be trapped in a car – smash the window
  • Inflict painful injuries to an impromptu attacker
  • Rated #1 by close-combat trainers
  • The only self-defense weapon you can carry anywhere
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE: Lifetime satisfaction warranty
  • One-action-grip tactical 300D nylon belt pouch
  • One extra ink cartridge

Bottom Line:

If you are in the market for a tactical pen that is built well and priced low, then take a look at this SWAT pen. It may be the self defense tool that you have been looking for.

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