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When it comes to footwear, I definitely prefer for it to be a minimalist design. By that, I mean that I like a zero-drop heel, a wide toe-box and for it to be constructed from flexible material. I own quite a few pairs of minimalist shoes and I am happy with the performance of all of them; they each serve their purpose. However, many of them are not exactly the most attractive shoes on the market…

Can I Get A Comfortable Everyday Shoe That Is Minimalist But Also Look Great?

I saw an advertisement for a shoe called Bramfords by Birchbury that looked pretty comfortable and even my wife would approve of the look. When I clicked on the ad I saw that they actually met my preferred shoe requirements. These shoes were constructed from the minimalist criteria that I mentioned earlier. They had a wide toe-box, zero-drop heel and they looked really good. I decided to some Bramfords in order for me to review them -and to see if the hype was real.

I received the Bradfords shoes and as soon as I felt the high-grain soft leather on them, I knew that I had something good here. These men’s leather shoes were minimalist, comfortable and looked great! The Bramfords were ideal for my active lifestyle and they look good enough to wear to a nice place while out with my wife.


  • If you are between sizes, choose the larger size. Rugged Rubber sole
  • WIDE TOE-BOX: Bramfords’ toe box is wide so your toes naturally spread out.
  • SLIP-ON, SLIP-OFF: Bramfords come with elastic shoelaces that allow you to slip them on & off. Elastic shoelaces never come undone from walking.
  • LUXURY INSOLE: Feel like you’re walking on clouds, while still being able to feel the ground.
  • FULL-GRAIN AMERICAN LEATHER: Made with the softest leather available. Bramfords are comfortable straight out of the box.
  • BAREFOOT SHOE: All the comforts of a barefoot shoe while still looking good.


If you are in the market for a comfortable minimalist footwear, that is disguised as a great looking shoe, definitely take a look at these Bramfords by Birchbury. I’m quite sure that you won’t be disappointed.

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