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Last year I came across a minimalist shoe that I wanted to review. It looked like something that fit my lifestyle and actually looked good when worn. These shoes are called Bramfords and I have been a big fan ever since I tried them on for the first time. These shoes have been a daily favorite over the past year. However, they were great for a casual night out but they didn’t exactly fit the mould as a dress shoe. But Birchbury, the makers of the Bramfords, just introduced a new dress shoe that feels just like the Bramfords but looked more like an elegant dress shoe that could be worn during more formal occasions. These new dress shoes are called Brenston by Birchbury.

I wanted to review these dress shoes since I had been so impressed with previous shoes that I ordered from Birchbury. I contacted Birchbury and received 2 pairs of their new Brenston shoe.

As the shoes arrived at more doorstep, I was about to take my dog for a walk. After a quick unboxing, I noticed that these shoes were exactly as expected. They were comfortable minimalist shoes disguised as a formal shoe. I quickly slipped them on and took my dog to the park for a walk. I figured with the varied terrain offered at the park, I would really get a sense of what these shoes had to offer.

I walked about 2 miles with my dog through the local park. I made sure to walk on grass, sand, dirt, concrete and even some fresh mulch that had just been laid out. If it wasn’t for me looking down at my shoes so that I could capture video footage, I would have thought that I was just wearing my standard, comfy shoes, that I usually use to hike and walk with my dog.


  • FAUX-HEEL ON THE OUTSIDE No heel on the inside. Brenston has a zero drop heel.
  • WIDE TOE-BOX Let your toes spread out the way nature intended them to.
  • NEVER TIE YOUR SHOES Brenston come with elastic shoelaces that allow you to slip them on & off and never come undone from walking.
  • FLEXIBLE A flexible outsole gives your feet a full range of motion.
  • LUXURY INSOLE Feel like you’re walking on clouds.
  • ULTRA SOFT Made with the softest full-grain American leather available for dress shoes.


If you are in the market for a minimalist dress shoe, definitely take a look at these Brenston shoes by Birchbury. They feel great and have the look of shoes that are in a much higher price range.

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