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I recently purchased a new pick up truck. It was a hefty investment so protecting my vehicle is something that is currently on the top of my list. There are many accessories that I want to purchase in order to make that a reality but like most things, I will get to them all in time and as my budget allows. But… It was time to get started and the one thing that served me well, for over 15 years with my last vehicle, was a BULLY Tow Hitch Step.

This hitch step is certainly welcomes when it’s time to getting into the truck bed or even to mount equipment on the roof rack. But my thought process always goes to the protection of my truck. I drive in and out of cities quite often and usually have to park on a public street. This leaves my truck exposed to others that are trying to squeeze into parking spots and most lack the skills to do so effectively. The common outcome is a scratched or dented bumper. That is where the BULLY Tow Hitch Step comes in.

With my past vehicle, the BULLY step served me well. Not only did it keep my bumper safe guarded, but it made other drivers think twice before they even attempted to park behind my truck. They knew that if their skillset is lacking, then they will most-likely cause damage to their car. I have witnessed, countless would be parkers, opt for another parking spot because they didn’t want to take that chance.

That being said, my old BULLY Tow Hitch Step had plenty of scratches, scrapes and even dents over those 15+ years. But the one thing that was never affected was my bumper. So as soon as I signed the dotted line, at the car dealership for my new pick up truck, the next thing that I did was to order a brand new BULLY Tow Hitch Step in hopes of having the same results that I had in the past, with my new truck.


  • it is widely used to gain easy access to the truck bed, luggage racks, or rear cargo area of a vehicle. Hitch steps double-up as bumper guards and can protect against damage from low impact rear-end collisions.
  • Durable Construction: the sturdy hitch step is manufactured using 16-gauge steel to withstand extreme compressions. The non-slip, high-impact rubber step pad adds to the overall strength of the access step
  • Easy Installation: use of a plug-and-play helps with quick, effortless installation. Once installed, the rubber pad of the multi-purpose utility step ensures users get a secure, comfortable footing at all times
  • Universal Fit: the utility bumper guard is designed to fit standard 2in. hitch mounts. This bumper guard is suitable to for most common-sized hitch receivers
  • Specifications: the access step measures 18in. wide, with a tube diameter of 3in. Heavy-duty construction makes the hitch step perfect for sports trucks and SUVs


If you are in the market for a Tow Hitch Step for accessing areas of your truck and/ or for added bumper protection, definitely take a look at this one by The BULLY Brand.

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