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Ham Radio Training: The Serious Survivalist’s Most Critical “Life-Line”

I’ve always known Ham Radio operators and every time I expressed interest, they would do all they could to try and get me into Amateur Radio. They would go on with their Ham Radio jargon and I always thought, “maybe, one day…”. Well, after my FAIL during a major crisis, the day had finally come… […]

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diamond antenna review

Diamond Tri-Band Antenna Review for Home Emergency Communication

Here Is My Video Review Of The Diamond Tri-Band Antenna: Emergency communication is a must for anyone who wants to be prepared for any situation that arises. When it comes to SHTF communication, nothing beats the flexibility of Ham radio. The possibilities and options are almost endless when it comes to the Amateur Radio operator. One […]

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diamond ham radio antenna review

Review of the Comet SBB-224 Antenna for Emergency Mobile Communications

Here Is My Video Review On The Comet Antenna: I spend a lot of time testing, preparing and planning my emergency communication setup at home. I am always learning better and more efficient ways to operate in disaster situations when the circumstances allow me to “bug in.” But what happens when the SHTF situation dictates […]

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