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Team Reis BJJ Academy in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Luso-Americano Newspaper Interviews Coach Helder About His Resent Workshop In Sao Paulo, Brazil

LUSO-AMERICANO SELF-DEFENSE & COMBATIVES INSTRUCTOR After São Paulo, Hélder Gomes will be in Chaves, Portugal later this month to train GNR & Army members. BY: MARIA DO CARMO PEREIRA LUSO-AMERICANO Helder Gomes, combatives instructor and healthy lifestyle advocate, and owner of a (Natural Training Center – NTC) in Carteret, New Jersey, was recently in São […]

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Luso-Americano Newspaper Interview with Coach Helder On His UAE Police Training Assignment

Helder Gomes dedicates his time to practicing and promoting natural techniques to better physical fitness training, so at the same time one may develop the self-defense skills not only towards potential enemies but also to combat bad eating habits or even a disability. After establishing your Natural Training Center in Cranford, NJ, you recently returned […]

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