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10 Survival Uses For A Contractor's Trash Bag

10 Survival Uses For A Contractor’s Trash Bag

About a month ago, I was received an email from Google. I subscribe to a few email alerts; one of the topics being Survival. I receive these emails daily and I always take the time to skim through them to see if I find anything of value. As I got to the third headline, something […]

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Review of the military issued poncho liner woobie

Ever Wonder Why U.S. Marines Can’t Live Without Their “Woobie?”

In the United States Marine Corps, we are referred to as “The Few, The Proud!” U.S. Marines are also known for their intestinal fortitude, toughness and all-around Hard-Charging attitudes. So why the hell do we all refer to our favorite piece of military issued gear as our “Woobie?!” From my understanding, the poncho liner or […]

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military issue mosquito netting review

Military Issued Mosquito Netting Barrier Review

Here Is My Video Review On The Mosquito Netting: Comfort is something that is difficult to come by in survival and emergency situations. Even during a simple trek with my NTC Members, being comfortable often takes a backseat to completing the mission. However, if we prepare ahead of time, the little things often bring relaxation […]

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