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Here Is My Video Tutorial On The Cobra Stitch Paracord Bracelet:

I have been familiar with paracord for quite some time now. As a boy scout, I used paracord for many types of pioneering projects. I would build entrances to our campsite with various knots & lashings and even use it to build a tripod for Dutch oven cooking.

Years later as a U.S. Marine, paracord was everywhere. We would use paracord to “dummy” cord gear to our packs and harnesses. If the gear were to come off during a forced march… We would still be able to retain possession of it, thanks to the paracord.

The one thing that always stuck with me was the thought that the more pioneering skills that I had, the more applications that I could deploy with paracord.

One way to be certain that you always have paracord on you is to weave paracord into a bracelet. Paracord bracelet are vital in any emergency situation. The other benefit is that they look pretty cool just worn as standard jewelry.

What I would like to do now is to share with you my tutorial on a simple weave called the Cobra Stitch. The Cobra Stitch is a cool looking weave. It is also a very simple weave to tie. This makes it ideal for anyone wanting to get started with making paracord bracelets.

These Are The Items That I Used In This Project:

Thank you for viewing, I hope that you found this tutorial helpful.