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Here Is My Video Review On The Comet Antenna:

I spend a lot of time testing, preparing and planning my emergency communication setup at home. I am always learning better and more efficient ways to operate in disaster situations when the circumstances allow me to “bug in.” But what happens when the SHTF situation dictates that it’s time for you to get the hell out? Is your gear ready to go mobile?
Mine certainly wasn’t..

We spend plenty of time preparing ourselves here at Natural Training Center. We focus on our bodies and minds as well as our gear and preparedness skills. When it comes to communication, we realize how crucial it is when applied to prepping or even just regular events -or practice as I like to call it. 😉

Communication is vital when it comes to a simple, organized, NTC event. But when an emergency situation arises, communication is as valuable as water!

I became a Ham Radio operator (W2NTC) a few years ago. I realized that as the head coach of NTC, I have a constant responsibility to keep refining our NTC Method. That includes finding better ways to keep the Tribe in contact regardless of the situation. Using simple FRS & GRMS setups just weren’t cutting it for our Tribe. I knew a while ago that Amateur Radio was the fool proof way to go.  I put the excuses aside, studied and earned my “General” license. I  then began to delve and learn and have not stopped since.

I had a good portable setup using my Yeasu VX-8DR and my Diamond Tri-Band Antenna. I also had a setup that met my needs at home or “base station” using a Roll-Up Slim Jim J-Pole Type Antenna. What I was missing was the all to crucial mobile setup that I can count on in a SHTF scenario.

When I tested my portable setup in the Jeep, all was perfect as long as I help my radio and head out the window.. -This was before I even stepped on the gas pedal.
Antennas made for portable HT radios “Handy Talkies” or “Hand Tranceivers” just do not have what it takes when it comes to mobile communications within a vehicle. There is too much interference and all sorts of other issues occurring that your HT antenna or “rubber ducky” was not build for. It was time to find the right mobile setup for me and my Jeep so that I could truly be prepared & ready for any disaster or emergency that I would have to battle.

I spent a lot of time researching and with the help of my Elmer, Drew (W2OU), I decided to go with the setup listed below.
My Mobile Setup Using a Yaesu VX-8DR Radio: 

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