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I installed a Console Vault for my Chevy Colorado pick up truck about a year ago. I have become a big fan of this safe and enjoy the peace of mind that it gives me while I’m on the road. I decided to get an additional Console Vault for my wife’s car but unfortunately, Console Vault does not make a safe for my wife’s vehicle model. As I was going through the Console Vault website, I saw that they recently released a travel and portable safe called The Transporter.

The Transporter is a travel safe that is built to the same high standards as the other Console Vaults and you can bring it with you in any vehicle and of course, to wherever your destination may be. I thought this would be a great addition for me since I do a lot of traveling. Not only would this Transporter work well for me while I’m in a vehicle but it is also ideal once I check into my hotel or AirBnB. I do not trust safes that are provided by the locations that I stay at; for obvious reasons. Having this Transporter will not only keep my firearm safe but also watches, passports, crypto cold wallets, cash, etc.


  • Built with 12-gauge steel
  • Meets highest quality Standards
  • Heavy-duty coated steel cable with storage
  • Triple Guard Lock System™ to prevent entry
  • Variety of locking mechanisms to choose from
  • Drill-resistant locks
  • Free shipping anywhere in the contiguous United States
  • Backed by Lifetime Warranty
  • Dimensions: W11” x H1.75” x L7”
  • Weight: 8.5lbs
  • 10% Veteran & Active Military Discount

So far I am very impressed by the Transporter. It is built to last and there was a lot of thought incorporated into its design. I know that while I am traveling for work or recreation, I now have less to worry about which allows me to focus on the task at hand.


If you are in the market for a portable safe, that works well in any vehicle or any location for that matter, certainly take a look at The Transporter by Console Vault.

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