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Here Is My Video Review On The EASTSHINE 18650 BATTERY:

I am certainly a fan of technology and electronic gadgets. Whether it’s the latest component for my computer or a new GPS for the field, I tend to geek-out every time that I get new electronic gear. One thing that remains a constant with these electronic toys is that they need power & lots of it. When it comes to my tactical flashlights and headlamps, the story remains the same. If you want it to work, it needs a power source.

Recently I was sent a pair of EASTSHINE E35 18650 Batteries to review. I am familiar with these batteries because I use them in my Fenix Tactical Flashlight. What attracted me the most about these batteries was the way that they address safety. Let’s face it.. I know that i put my gear through it’s paces when in use. My flashlights and lamps are no different. If I am spending long nights in the field or even working a security gig, my flashlight gets a lot of use. With standard 18650 batteries, my flashlight would get very hot. In the back of my mind it would occur to me every now and then.. – what if my battery were to overheat and blowup? What If I forget to turn my light off, will my flashlight turn into a pipe bomb?

Well, nothing is every fully fool-proof but EASTSHINE’s batteries address safety far more than any over battery manufacturer that I have come across. They have 4 sets of safety protection to make the batteries as safe as they can be. If you need 18650 batteries for your high drain devices, seriously consider giving EASTSHINE a try. They are not inexpensive but in the long run, the other brands have cost me a lot more.

These EASTSHINE 18650 E35 Batteries are not intended for use in most vaping MODS. These EASTSHINE’s are a bit bigger & wider than other 18650 so they do not fit certain MODS that utilize the same style battery. They do fit in my vaping MODS which I demonstrate in the video review. EASTSHINE does make a battery that fits the MODS requiring standard sized 18650 batteries. The vaping model number is E35U.


  • EASTSHINE E35’s Capacity is Around 3500mAh which is 67% More than Common 18650 Cell. Input Current to 4A , Output Current to 10A makes E35 Compatible with Various Kinds of High-drain Devices. Retain Up to 70% of its Original Capacity after 500 Full Charge and Discharge Cycles, Far more than the 500 pairs of CR123 Batteries.
  • Excellent 4 Sets of Internal Safety Protection: EASTSHINE E35’s Thermal Overheat Protection in the top, PTC Cathodal Block Protection in the front, Separate Microporous Protection in the middle, Pressure Relief Valve Protection on the bottom, very safe for daily usage.
  • 3 Sets External Safety Protection: EASTSHINE E35’s Both Ends with a Nickel-plated S.S Protector make sure High Impact Resistance. Injection-molded Protection Circuit make sure High Usage Security. Durable Metallic Film protects against abrasions.
  • Protection Automatically against Overcharge, Over-discharge and Short-circuiting by Seiko Instruments Japan IC. Current Regulation at high Efficiency and superior output by 2 high-power MOS-FEE.
  • Injection-molded Protection Circuit makes it Safer & Better Impact-resistant. Extended nipple on positive end for better contact,.
  • 18 month warranty
  • 3500mAh Capacity
  • Length: 68.3mm (2.68 in)
  • Diameter: 18.4 mm (0.72 in)
  • Weight: 49g (1.72oz)(each battery)
  • Comes With Battery Case/ Organizer

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