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ava jane's kitchen review

I recently turned 48 years old.
Where did the time go? Well… That’s the Age-Old question.

Being focused on living a healthy lifestyle, with plenty of sustainable fitness, has taken precedence for me over the past decade. Approximately 10 years ago, I was beginning to feel older and that’s when I knew things had to change. I revamped my daily habits and shifted to eating more clean, nutritious foods. Well, for the most part that is. I still indulge at times but now, I pay a lot closer attention than I did in the past.

Being that I enjoy consuming alcoholic beverages and the occasional pizza pie, I had to make sure that I found a balance when it came to my nutritional needs. With that in mind, I made it my goal to continually find foods that not only taste great but also help to combat the strains that non-nutritious foods, as well as daily life, put on my body.

Recently, I came across some products made by a company called Ava Jane’s Kitchen. I was at one of my clients home for a private training session. This client happened to be a world-class chef, for a company in NYC that we are all very familiar with.

Once we completed our training session, the chef asked me if I wanted to try some new treats that he had just cooked up that morning. Once I looked at these plant-based treats, I knew that there was no way that I was leaving his home without giving these treats a try.

We headed outside to his gazebo with a pitcher of freshly brewed tea and the chef’s special treats. The chef handed me a plate with a couple of these treats, artfully presented, and told me to hold on just one quick minute. He ran back inside his home and came back with, what looked like, a silver Mylar bag. I just sat there and waited for the chef’s next instruction.

He opened up the mysterious bag and poured a bit of the contents into a ramekin. The substance was white and at a quick glance, it looked like sand. Since we were about to munch on some snacks, I assumed that it was either sugar or salt. As I was pondering this thought, the chef looked at me and said “wait until you try this sea salt!”

ava jane's kitchen review

Chef had me take a small bite of his treat without adding this “secret” sea salt of his. The treat was amazing. It was sweet, but not overly sweet and had this amazing, nutty taste. The chef then had me reach into the ramekin, sprinkle a bit of this salt on the rest of my treat and said “now try it.” I did what he told me, took my second bite and… Wow, was there a HUGE difference in taste as well as the texture. The treat went from excellent to outstanding, with just a little sprinkle of this salt.

I knew that the chef was well versed in nutrition as well as maximizing taste, when it comes to his culinary creations. For him to be this excited about salt, well; I had to learn more about this sea salt and the company that makes it. So I began to quiz the chef on this new discovery of his.

He explained to me that he was at a food show and came across Ava Jane’s Kitchen, which are the manufacturers of this amazing salt. He picked their brain, heard what he needed to hear and of course, gave it a taste. He explained to me that my reaction to the initial taste-test was very similar to his. That is why he was instantly sold on Ava Jane’s Kitchen products and they have now become a staple in most of his culinary creations.

As I went over his words in my head, the word “products” stood out to me. I looked at the chef and asked “so they make more than just salt?” The chef answered with a smile and said, Yes!

ava jane's kitchen avocado oil review

We continued on with consuming the rest of our treats while the chef versed me on the various Ava Jane’s Kitchen products. What was enticing about Ava Kane’s Kitchen wasn’t just the taste, but more-so, how the company sustainably sourced their products. In addition, the chef also explained how nutritious these products were for us. These products not only provide much needed vitamins and minerals but they also facilitated the absorption of other nutritional components needed for optimal health.

Ava Jane is the inspiration for our artisanal food. She’s also our daughter, whose zest for life inspires us to keep sharing our kitchen secrets with the world. The journey began with Ava’s Nana, who sparked our love affair with all things edible. From tending to her garden, to long nature walks, to sacred family dinners, she taught us to infuse our life and food with the same values of patience, integrity and honesty. No shortcuts.

And then came our engagement in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, many years ago. It led to annual surf vacations ever since. A few years ago, we discovered hand-harvested sea salt produced by local entrepreneurs called “salineros” (salt-farmers). After successfully bringing this wonderfully pure and flavorful salt to kitchens across America, our purpose became clear: we would spend our days searching for even more hidden gastronomical treasures. And sharing the joy of the most unusually delicious, nutritious and wholesome food Mother Earth has to offer.

It Was Time For Me To Begin Experimenting With Ava Jane’s Kitchen products.

ava jane's kitchen spices review

I went to the Ava Jane’s Kitchen website and began searching for the products that I initially wanted to try out. I quickly added the Colima Salt to my shopping cart since I had already tasted that delicious product. I then opted for their Avocado oil and finished my shopping by ordering the spices. I wanted to try the cacao, which sounded incredible, but… I was over my budget and decided to wait on the next shipment to try out the caramelized cacao.

Within a couple of days I received my order. I explained to my wife that tonight’s dinner was going to contain some new tastes. She was excited and explained that she was looking forward to the experience. I planned out a shrimp dinner and was going to incorporate the avocado oil, one of the spices and of course… The Colima salt. The meal was slow cooked over an open fire; on a cast iron skillet, of course. 😉

Dinner was ready and I yelled to my wife, “soups on!” She came into the kitchen, we popped a nice bottle of Portuguese red wine (we prefer red regardless of the meal) and began our dinner experience.

Before I even introduced the fork to my plate, I could tell that this meal was going to be something special. Even during my prep stage, I could attest to the smells that were filling up my kitchen. I had used similar ingredients in the past but… these lingering, aromatic scents, wonderfully permeated my kitchen like no ingredients have done before.

ava jane's kitchen products review

But when it came to the finished product, the pleasant aroma, exuding from my plate, made both my wife and I take notice. Our mouths began to water before the first bite was even consumed. We took our first fork-fulls and let’s just say that there was very little talking at our dinner table until both of our plates were completely clear.

I realize that there is a lot of “snake oil” when it comes to healthy and nutritious products these day. I am continually getting sent samples of, “This Amazing Superfood or Gain 10 years of your life back with this Wonder Spice!” Unfortunately, these claims are mostly false. So when something good and real comes around, It is even more important for me to bring it to your attention.

Another thing that stands out about Ava Jane’s Kitchen is their refund policy. Here it is, word for word:

Quite simply, if you don’t fall in love with our products the first time you taste them – contact us for a refund. No questions asked. And please, take your time with cooking, tasting and enjoying them. There is no 30, 60, or even 90-day deadline. This guarantee is lifetime. We know that if you love our products, you’ll order from us again.

As you can see, we have nothing to lose when it comes to giving Ava Jane’s Kitchen a try. That is definitely a Refund Policy, that I have never seen before, on consumables.

Bottom Line:

If you are tired of false claims on nutritious foods and want to enhance the quality of your meals as well as your health, take a close look at Ava Jane’s Kitchen. I am very happy with their products so far and am looking forward to the next shipment. If you opt to give them a (No Risk) try, I’m sure that you will be glad that you did.

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