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When it comes to vehicle emergency kits; I have a couple. I keep one in my truck and another in my wife’s car. In these kits I have a good amount of gear. We are definitely prepared for various scenarios.

When it comes to emergency roadside lighting, I have flares and chem lights in various shapes and sizes. I have a good amount of practice deploying these types of emergency lighting, but my wife… not so much. So when I saw these Emergency LED Road Flares by HOKENA, I knew that I had to get a closer look at this kit.

I contacted HOKENA and they agreed to send me a kit to review. The kit arrived within a couple of days and I was eager to see what they had to offer.

Right from the unboxing, I was impressed with the storage case. It actually felt like it was built to last as opposed to just a stuff sack. The LED road flares were well packed and they bigger and more durable than I expected. This was definitely a good thing. The (3) AAA batteries were already installed in the (5) LED road flares, so all that there was left to do was to press the power button.

Once I turned on the LED flares, I was happy to see that they project a decent amount of light from the LED bulbs. There are 9 total light settings and even a memory feature so that you can keep your favorite setting as the go-to during start up. The LED flares also have a built in hook for hanging and contain a very strong magnet for countess options.

To add some extra value, this kit also comes with a glass breaker/ seat belt cutting tool. It also contains (2) emergency Mylar blankets, a whistle and 2 screwdrivers.


✅High quality storage bag with zippered pocket, battery replacement tools, lighting mode memory feature, non-scratching powerful magnetic back, emergency thermal blanket & a 2-in-1 glass window breaker and seat belt cutter escape tool.

✅Quick and Easy Battery Changes: Our emergency LED road flare kit includes key chain screwdriver tools & detailed instructions for simple battery changes – even on the go! AAA batteries also come pre-installed in our LED safety hazard lights.

✅Waterproof, Crushproof & Magnetic: Leave your safety flares in the pouring rain or run them over with your car – they’re built to last! Plus, industrial strength rare-earth magnets will keep your roadside safety discs secured to the side of your truck or RV.

✅Superior Visibility: 15 super bright LEDs (12 amber, 3 white), combined with 9 unique light modes, will ensure that your roadside flares are seen by cars up to a mile away so you can safely signal for assistance. The best road flares for car emergency.

✅Perfect Gift for Friends & Family: Our emergency flares are safe, reusable & easy to use – without the risk of fire or burns. The safest LED flares for any motorcycle, boating or car emergency kit. Every loved one deserves these LED emergency lights for vehicles!


If you are in the market for a well priced, emergency LED road flare kit, take a look at this one by HOKENA. I got this one with my wife in mind, But now… I need to order one for me!

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