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Starting a fire with a ferro rod takes a good amount of practice to get proficient in. It’s obvious that the same holds true for any skill that we wish to master.

I was recently sent a Fire Wand from The Atomic Bear, to put through my review process.

When I received the Fire Wand, to be honest… it didn’t look like much. If it wasn’t for the credibility that The Atomic Bear has with me, I would have probably put it in my No-Go product pile and moved on. But instead, I decided to take a closer look.

Once I began to play with the Fire Wand, my opinion began to drastically changed. There was something to this little hollow tube…

I went into one of my packs and grabbed a ferro rod. With ferro rob and the Fire Wand in my hand, I headed to my fire pit to see how the Fire Wand would perform.

I fed the twine through the Fire Wand and I prepared the twine. The twine serves to collect the spark from the ferro rob acting as the tinder. I pulled out about an inch of twine through the Fire Wand and began un-twirling each strand and fanned it out to resemble a dusting brush. This will give you an ideal bedding and surface area to help catch your spark.

I sent a few sparks to the twine and BAM, the spark caught and I was ready to start my fire.

Now this is where the magic of the Fire Wand comes in…

The twine was lit and I was able to pick up the Fire Wand and place the flame exactly where it was needed. This made the process much more efficient not to mention, much safer.

Another benefit of the Fire Wand is that I can carry the same flame to multiple fire sources without having to repeat the process. Not That… is reason enough to pick up this cool little gadget.

To add one more cool feature to the mix, to extinguish the flame all that you have to do is pull back on the twine exposed at the bottom and, The Flame Is Out!

This is not only a much safer approach but it will also save you a bunch of twine for future use.


  • EASY IGNITION – NEVER ENDING MATCH The wax-infused hemp wick will ignite with a single spark, boasting a cumulative burn time of over 60-minutes. The tinder wick measures 6mm x 13in. With three included wicks, this firestarter should be part of everyone’s emergency kit.
  • WATERPROOF FIRE STARTER SURVIVAL TOOL – Quick and easy ignition when used with a ferro rod. Fray the end, spark it and let it burn.
  • BELLOW AND EXTINGUISHER IN ONE – Black anodized aluminum sleeve acts as a quick extinguisher for the wick and a 3in bellow to deliver air and fuel your fire. The metal firestarter tube also keeps your hands safe from the flame.
  • COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT – Pack this reusable match with your camping gear, hiking gear and hunting gear so that you’re always prepared with a reliable survival lighter. It easily fits in any pocket or survival pack. Use it with The Atomic Bear ferro rod and fuel for a complete fire starter kit.
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE – Get to know our small team and let us support you with product use, application, and education. We offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY and are proud to provide you with superior tactical gear and survival tools.

Bottom Line:

If you want a little tool to make your fire starting much easier and safer, take a look at the Fire Wand by The Atomic Bear. I didn’t know I needed one until I got to test it for myself.

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