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Here Is My Video Review On The Flying Fish Brewery:

Those of you that have followed my work know that I am “partial” to good beer; specifically, IPA beer. There is something about the hoppy aroma and the bitter taste that makes me smile – just at thought thought of it.

Over the years, I have been fortunate to travel to many destinations and have the opportunity to taste the local brew. It has become a means of not only making new friends, but also being able savor tastes only found in that local environment. Amazingly, this is all possible – by simply – enjoying a few delicious pints of ale.

Recently, I received an email from the Flying Fish Brewery. I was familiar with the company because I had bought some of their IPA (India Pale Ale) beer in the past. The email went on and it ended with me being offered a private tour and tasting at their brewery. They had some new beer offerings that they were promoting and were excited to get the word out. Knowing that I am partial to this tasty nectar, they invited me join in their effort.

flying fish brewery

The Flying Fish Brewery is located in New Jersey which is the same State that I reside in. If my travel schedule was freed up… I would definitely attend this event at the brewery. After all, it was good local Free Beer!

Luckily, my overseas job finished on time. I was able to fly into New Jersey the night before the event, which gave me ample time for a little R&R at the Flying Fish Brewery. I grabbed one of my best buddy’s (who doubled as a designated driver) and headed to the brewery.

We got to the brewery and made our way inside. As soon as we walked in, we were greeted with smiles. We were offered food and anything else that we needed before the tour began. I felt very comfortable and at home within 5 minutes of entering the brewery.

flying fish brewery

The tour began with a video presentation. It explained how Gene Muller started the company in 1996. It was a “virtual brewery” where he exchanged recipes and ideas with others in the virtual beer community. From there, Flying Fish Brewery opened in Cherry Hill, N.J.

By 2012, the brewery needed to be expanded and was relocated to where it it resides today; in Somerdale, N.J.

What initially caught my attention about this brewery was it’s focus on sustainability and the environment; It’s Impressive!

The installation of 463 solar panels, solar tube lighting in the warehouse, recaptured steam in the brewing process, and rain gardens on property make it one of the most sustainable breweries in the world.

-Flying Fish Brewery website

We started the walking tour and I was baffled by the size of their operation. The tall towers of stacked beer cans reminded me of the splendor when walking through Times Square in NYC for the first time. (you probably need to be a beer lover to empathize with that one) There were areas for canning operations, others for bottling and of course… the cold keg area.

flying fish brewery

The more that I interacted with the Flying Fish staff, the more passion that I felt from them. They were genuine and even looked forward to additional questions about their brewery. There was a sense of pride in the air that only comes from joy and accomplishment.

Once I Tasted The Beers, I understood More Of The Accomplishment Part.

flying fish brewery

Next up was, of course, my favorite part… The Beer Tasting!

We got back to our German biergarten styled wooden tables and noticed that there were beer flights setup at our seats. There is a new variety pack that just hit the market for Flying Fish so they wanted us to try them all. We were more than happy to oblige.

I’m a bit of an IPA snob. Meaning… I Only Like IPA Beer!

So, when it came to sampling the flight, I was more than eager to get to the two samples on the end; both were IPA’s.

As we worked our way through the flight, with guidance and explanation from the staff, I surprised myself on how much I was enjoying the tasting experience. I realized that I was at the brewery, getting the beer right from the source, so it was going to be better than anything store bought. But I didn’t expect to actually enjoy all the samples.

Each beer in the variety pack had a distinct profile. The taste profiles began with sour/watermelon/lime and ended with my all-time favorite hoppy/piney, which was obviously the IPA.

Out of all the samples on the flight, I gravitated towards the Outside IPA. It was hoppy and piney in all the right ways but it also gave me a bit of the nostalgia brought on when enjoying outdoors activities. Let’s just say that it’s a well-named beer.

Once I was finished sampling my flight I was offered to taste other IPA beers. Any idea what my answer was on that one?

A few IPA’s later, the staff was still there. Keep in mind that the tour was technically over. Their job was done. They could have easily left and gone home with complete justification. But they chose to stay. I’m sure that there are a few reasons for them staying. But if you were to ask me… They stayed because they Love Their Job!

Bottom Line:

Flying Fish Brewery is a destination that I highly recommend that you visit. The staff and the experience is well worth the trip. But if you can’t make it there in person, do yourself a favor and get your hands on the Flying Fish Variety Pack. There is something in there for all of your drinking buddies, Or… Just For You!

If you want to learn more about the Flying Fish Brewery, click on the link below to visit their website:

Click Here For The Flying Fish Brewery!

I hope that you enjoyed this review.