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About a decade ago, I attended a seminar with a modern-day Ninja. His name is Ryan Murdock.

The information that I gathered from Ryan is something that I would never take for granted. It opened my eyes to methods, that have literally been lost over the centuries.

This information is ideal for:

  • Those Focused on Survival & Emergency Preparedness
  • Those Wanting To Turn Their Bodies Into “Elastic Steel”
  • Those Wanting To Improve Their Martial Art & Combatives
  • Those Wanting To Move And Feel Better, Regardless Of Age, While Devoting Minimal Time

A few months ago I met up with Ryan for a meeting. He is based in Berlin, Germany and I was in Bamberg teaching a seminar. I got on a plane to Berlin, met up with Ryan at the airport and we headed to his favorite pub in Berlin.Germany 2018

As we discussed business, over countless pints of beer, the Ninja workshop from a decade earlier came up in conversation.

I explained to Ryan that the info that he was teaching was effective and has stayed with me for life. I told him that I have used his “Ninja” methods to help countless clients over the years.

As the German BIER continued to flow, I asked Ryan if he still had his “Forbidden Secrets Course on VHS tapes.”

Yup VHS… I told you that it was years ago. 😉

Ryan almost chocked on his beer and and simply asked me “Why The **** Are You Asking About That Old Stuff?”

Germany 2018

I told him that I wanted to make that information available to clients that I do not get to work with in person. My online members would gain a great deal from his teachings, just like I did years ago.

Ryan didn’t seem too interested in what I was saying -He’s an extremely humble guy. Also, he was getting the munchies from all the beer that we were consuming and wanted to head to a restaurant.

I kept pestering him for the next hour or so until he finally caved. He told me that I was “Mr. Review Guy” so if I was willing to write a review about his Forbidden Ninja Secrets, that we could use for marketing purposes, he would then be willing to agree to my proposal.

Once I got back to the States, I went to work on getting Ryan’s program ready for my Warrior Zero Project members.

Germany 2018

My WZP members gravitated towards Ryan’s teachings. The testimonials have been great and to be honest, I had no doubt that they would; Hence me pushing so hard to get this awesome program out and live for consumption- Once Again. But this time, in a digital format.

I figured that since you are a loyal supporter, I would make Ryan’s course available to you at a discounted price. (No Coupon Needed)

If you are interested in seeing my review on Ryan’s “Forbidden Ninja Secrets” click on the link below:

⇒ How to reinforce your body with an almost supernatural breaking point

Germany 2018

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