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Running is one of my go-to activities. When I’m traveling I tend to run even more than usual. I feel that running is an excellent way to see new areas and get as much as possible out of that experience. The feel of the terrain, the climate, the smells, even the tastes in the air keep me logging miles with ease. Speaking of terrain, I prefer minimalist shoes whenever possible when I partake in most running activities. Minimalist footwear allows me to experience much more of my environment than traditional shoes. I feel fully grounded in minimalist shoes as opposed to when I’m wearing other, technology driven, running shoes.

A couple of weeks ago, Xero Shoes sent me a pair of their latest running shoes called Forza Runner. They wanted my honest opinion on a review and I agreed. 2 Days Later… The Forza Runner By Xero Shoes arrived at my doorstep.

As usual, I was impressed right from the unboxing. These shoes were not just feather-light, but they also looked really good. The kind of shoes that I can run with by also use them for leisure activities. I was sold!

I put on the Forza Runner shoes the following day and went for a 3 mile run. I didn’t break in the shoes at all before this run. Once I completed my run I can state that these shoes are incredibly light and comfortable. I truly felt like I had nothing on my feet as far as weight. The tread on the bottom of the zero-drop sole also made me feel stable and sure-footed throughout my run.


  • Lightweight to keep you moving
  • Road gripping tread pattern and 5,000 mile sole warranty
  • Lightweight Runner
  • Winning Traction
  • Unprecedented Comfort
  • Natural design and engineered mesh bootie
  • DROP: 6 mm
  • WEIGHT: About 8 ounces for my pair


If you are looking for a super light weight pair of minimalist running shoes, that look great on or off the track, definitely take a close look at these Forza Runner shoes by Xero Shoes.

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