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It’s been a few months and I was itching to add one of the 100 accessories on my list, to my Chevy Colorado pickup truck.

As I was eye-balling the upcoming Black Friday sales, I noticed that Chevy was having a 25% off sale on accessories over $500. I contemplated on what I really needed the most for my truck and assist steps were at the top of the list.
My wife is quite a bit shorter that I am and she drives the truck even as much as I do. I knew from day 1 that I was going to need some type of running boards or assist steps. But… there were other accessories which I felt that I needed to get first. But now a few months have gone by since my last accessory purchase for my Colorado and my mother-in-law came to visit from Brazil. She is a few inches shorter than my wife. Whenever she got out of the truck, it was as if she was going down a slide and just wishing for the best.

It Was NOW Time To Get The Assist Steps

Back to the sale…

I looked around the Chevy website and noticed a lot of choices. But when I saw these assist steps, I knew that they would look great and most likely, perform the best for my needs. So I placed my order.

The assist steps shipped free of charge to the dealership of my choice. They arrived at the dealership within 3 days and I received a call stating that my assist steps had arrived.

I’m not much of a mechanic so I inquired how much it would cost to have these assist steps installed at the dealership. I was quoted $240 plus tax. Now… I just saved 25% which was my excuse for getting these in the first place, there was no way I was going to pay an additional $240 for the install.

I researched the internet, watched a few YouTube videos and saw that it was a relatively painless process. So I opted to install the assist steps myself. I drove to the dealership, picked up the assist steps and headed back home for the install.


  • Make it easier to get in and out of your vehicle
  • Thoroughly tested through numerous cycles to last through the life of your vehicle
  • Feature no-drill installation
  • Rigorously tested to support the weight of multiple occupants
  • Protect vehicle’s outer body panels from stone-throw damage
  • Designed to meet the fit, appearance and compatibility standards of your vehicle
  • Constructed of aluminum with a black finish
  • Textured step surface helps provide maximum traction and accessibility
  • Sold in pairs and includes all mounting hardware

I found the install to be extremely simple. It only required a few tools and I was done with both sides in under 45 minutes. Keep in mind that I’m not very versed in working on trucks. After my experience, I highly recommend doing the install yourself.


If you want to add running boards or assist steps to your Chevy Colorado, definitely consider these GM assist steps. These assist steps look great, are from the manufacturer and are built to last.