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A viable means of communication, during an emergency situation, is something that many take for granted. With the vast amount of communication options these days, it’s no wonder that most folks feel that -getting in touch with people- will be the least of their worries during a SHTF moment.
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Having dealt with what happened to our grid during 9-11 and Hurricane Sandy… Prompted me to get my Ham Radio (Amateur Radio) license. Not having communication during those events forced me to find an option; Ham RADIO was it.


It took some initiative on my part. I had to study and get familiar with things that certainly did not come naturally to me. Once I felt comfortable taking and passing countless practice tests, I looked for a date that the examination was being held. I scheduled my examination and showed up at the community college. Once I passed my examination, I was then licensed as an Amateur Radio operator. My call sign is: W2NTC.

Since then I have tried to get my Warrior Zero Project members interested in getting their Ham Radio license. Many of my members are focused on emergency preparedness as well as the outdoors. Even with that motivated demographic, I’m lucky to get 1 in 100 to actually become a licensed operator. It makes our outings difficult to address when it comes to COMMs (communications) both recreational and for emergency preparedness use.

I picked up a few goTenna units a while back. I had been seeing them advertised for the past couple years. They recently upgraded their units and came out with the goTenna MESH. Basically, it is a communications network that does not rely on any mobile, wifi or other network. It pairs with your mobile phone and has an App that you use to send text messages as well as your GPS location to others in your network. The messages are also encrypted and secure.

The units have approximately 1 mile in range. They are line-of-sight. So if you are in an open area without obstructions, you will get greater range. If you are in a city, like I am, you will get 1 mile at most.

The cool thing about this MESH network is that the more MESH units that are in use, the greater the distance of your communication reaches. I have placed a stationary goTenna MESH unit high in my home. It is a permanent unit that is solar powered. It acts as a relay or repeater to amplify the signal to those that are in the area and also on the MESH network. But more importantly to me, it improves the chance of me getting in touch with my wife if all else fails.

If People Jump On The MESH Bandwagon, It Could Really Be Huge!

Specs On The goTenna MESH:

  • SMART DEVICE: goTenna Mesh pairs to your phone and enables it to privately relay texts and GPS locations between other goTenna devices, up to 4 miles in range.
  • INDEPENDENT & FREE: You don’t need phone service, routers, towers or satellites to use goTenna. Power your own network, whenever and wherever you need it.
  • TEXT & GPS: Our super-smart mesh protocol powers private 1-to-1, Plus, the free goTenna app includes detailed offline maps for any region in the world.
  • THE PERFECT OFF-GRID TOOL: goTenna Mesh is great for hiking in areas where cell service is unreliable, avoiding costly data plans while traveling internationally, and staying connected in emergency situations when cell service is down.
  • ANDROID & IOS READY: Compatible with iOS or Android devices. Sold in pairs. Charging cables included.

Bottom Line:

If you are in the market for a communications device that will work well when other methods are not an option, take a look at the goTenna MESH. It’s a viable option for international travel, when in the bush for recreation as well as emergency preparedness scenarios. If the MESH network starts to grow, we may really have something here.

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