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Kettlebell practice offers tons of great benefits. But sometimes, there is a bit of a price to pay. Our hands take quite a beating both as a beginner when our technique is “not yet” dialed-in as well as when we progress in our kettlebell practice and get into lengthy, ballistic workouts.

Issues are going to occur with your hands, that is certain. What I would like to share within this blog post is some of the Tips & Tricks that I have utilized over the years to deal with this dilemma. Let me also clear the air and state that there is a fine line between tough and Stupid when it comes to kettlebell practice in general but in this instance it specifically pertains to hand care. Basically, Don’t Be Stupid!  🙂

Within my Warrior Zero Project, we want to be “Always Prepared” for whatever lifeHand Care Tips and Advice When Training With Kettlebells throws at us. If we destroy the use of our hands via our training and practice sessions, what happens to us after in the Real World? Well, if you are a mom with a young child, you may not be able to handle your child when the need arises. It could be as simple as picking them up when they are crying or in a worse scenario, to get them out of harms way.

How about missing work time? Most people do not work with kettlebells as their source of income. Therefore, they are using kettlebells to enhance their lifestyle. If they injure their hands via training, how will they provide for their family? Imagine this same scenario if the person’s job was a First Responder such as Police, Fire-Rescue or Military? We are fortunate to work with many First-Responders at NTC so we take this philosophy more seriously than most..

Use the tips in the video tutorial below to help you stay Safe and productive. Going “hard” for the sake of going hard while putting your hands in jeopardy will not only go against you progressing but it is also irresponsible. If you were unaware before, you are aware now.

Many of us are very confident in conveying our advice and info for one primary reason; We Have Made these Mistakes and want to save you from the same.  😉

Take a look at the Video below for more detailed advice.

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