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The question that arises almost immediately when members get started with their Force Factor Kettlebell Training is:

“How do I choose the right kettlebell for me?”

This is a valid question since there is now a boom in the manufacturing of kettlebells. This rush on kettlebell manufacturing helps to keep costs down and avoid the monopolies from past years. The flip-side to this is that with an abundant amount of choices comes even more questions; especially for the beginner.

My immediate answer to the question “which kettlebell should I get” is along the lines of “whichever kettlebell you can get your hands on the fastest!” I say this because the majority of the kettlebells available in today’s market -will do the job; especially in the beginning stage.

The last thing that I want is for a Warrior Zero Project member to put off their training because their ideal kettlebell has yet to arrive.

hard style kettlebell
Hard Style Kettlebell

First off, there are 2 key “styles” or schools of kettlebell design. One is Hard-Style which feature solid, black cast iron kettlebells. The Hard-Style kettlebells vary in size and dimension as the weight increases. Not only does the size of the kettlebell get bigger, as it gets heavier, but so does the handle. This holds true up to and including the 24kg kettlebell.

choosing the right kettlebell for me
Competition/ Sport Style Kettlebell

With the competition kettlebells, the dimensions tend to stay the same but the bells get heavier. They achieve this by hollowing out the kettlebells. The heavier that the competition kettlebell becomes, the less hollow that it is.

Since these are used for kettlebell sport competition, the dimensions stay the same. This allows the practitioner to focus on maintaining the similar technique, regardless of the weight of the Kettlebell.

So… The Million Dollar Question: Which style is better?

Well, just like most things in life, there is always the right tool for the right job. Some people will swear by one style or the other. Within my Force Factor Kettlebell program, we love them both! We find advantages to utilizing both styles.

In fact, the more that we vary the types of bells that we train with, the more attributes that we seem to build. These attributes or new movement skills, convey right over to our Warrior Zero Project Combatives and Survival camps.

It’s not so much the tool being used; it’s about HOW the tool is being used.

Which Size Kettlebell Should I Get?

Once you determine which style kettlebell that you are going to get, you need to decide on a size or weight of the bell. There are general guidelines but once again, the keyword is general. There needs to be some experience involved in order to truly find out which size kettlebell(s) is best for you.

General Kettlebell Sizing Guidelines For The Kettlebell Swing:

  • Men/Women Over 150lbs: 24kg/53lbs Kettlebell
  • Men/Women Under 150lbs: 20kg/45lbs Kettlebell

Keep in mind that those general size guidelines listed above are reflecting the fact that you are only buying one kettlebell. In addition, the main purpose for that kettlebell would be to practice the Kettlebell Swing.

When it comes to other basic kettlebell exercises i.e. (Snatch, Clean, Press, Deadlift, Get-up, etc.) the size of the kettlebell will vary with each exercise.

So you can now see where this can get a bit confusing.

If it’s in your budget, I would suggest that you buy at least three kettlebells for your initial kettlebell training. The sizes that I would suggest, regardless of how much you weigh, are:

  1. 16kg / 35lb Kettlebell
  2. 20kg / 45lb Kettlebell
  3. 24kg / 53lb Kettlebell

Below is an old video with me explaining various options for kettlebells:

So Where Should I Purchase My Kettlebells?

The (2) kettlebell sources that I list below are online sources. They are currently the leaders in the industry, as far as I am concerned, and they are continually conducting sales and offering discounts.

I post a lot of that info on my Facebook and Instagram account so be sure to to follow me on those platforms.

Here Are My Recommendation:

Kettlebell Kings

Onnit Kettlebells

Keep in mind that any kettlebell is a good kettlebell as long as you use it! As an example, in our Force Factor Kettlebell program, any kettlebell would get the job done when it comes to starting your kettlebell training.

As I mentioned earlier on… I would rather you purchase a kettlebell that you can get now than to wait for the “right” one. There is no need to waste valuable training time.

As you progress in your kettlebell training you will begin to add to your kettlebell collection. The size bell that you use for a swing will most likely be different than the bell you will use for your press. In addition, the kettlebell size that you are swinging with now, will be different than the weight that you will be swinging 2 months from now.

As you progress with your kettlebell training, the answers will present themselves when it comes to the kettlebell specifics.

Get started now and keep safety in mind. Always focus on your form when working with kettlebells regardless of the manufacturer.

Kettlebells are used to make us healthy and to move better, not to immobilize us further!

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Stay motivated, keep safety as your first priority and just as important; Have FUN!