Improve Your Kettlebell Snatch With This Tip!

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For those of us that have been playing with kettlebells for a while have an appreciation for the kettlebell snatch. We realize that it not only makes us stronger but it also turns our metabolism into a furnace when implemented into the proper protocols.

Improve Your Kettlebell Snatch With This TipWithin my Warrior Zero Project we are continually looking for tips to help our members get the most out of their kettlebell snatch. As we progress with our Force Factor Kettlebell Training, issues are arising and it is best to address them right from the get-go.

One main issue that seems to be prevalent is that the knees are coming forward on the “down swing” or re-load stage of the kettlebell snatch. This not only hinders the mechanics of the kettlebell snatch but it can also lead to issues with our knees and lower back.

Our goal is to get healthier during our kettlebell practice. When we begin to put our body in jeopardy for the sake of more reps during our kettlebell snatch training, then we are NOT being smart nor Safe.

Below is a tutorial bringing the point across as well as tips on how to correct this issue with our kettlebell snatch.

Kettlebell Snatch Tip (Video Tutorial)

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Thank you for viewing, I hope that this helps your progress! Stay Motivated!