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Approximately 5 years ago, my wife and I bought a home. One of the features that attracted my wife to this home was the fact that it had a built-in pool. It was something that she always wanted and was certainly an added benefit to purchasing this home. There was one little problem…

I Didn’t Know A Darn Thing About Pool Maintenance!

Luckily, my buddy Charlie had plenty of knowledge when it came to pool care. He has taught me a great deal in these past few years. However, there was one issue that seemed to arise, continually, each year…

That was the horrible Algae Attack!

No matter how well I cleaned and maintained my pool, every few weeks, especially after a thunderstorm, my pool would begin to turn green.

I would try to combat these algae attacks by shocking the pool and adding algaecide. This process was labor intensive, let alone the high cost of the extra chemicals. But the worse part was that these attacks seemed to show up right before a planned pool party.

This not only made me look like a slacker in front of my friends and family… -but it also would take away from the actual pool time as we waited for the chlorine to dilute and break up.

I felt comfortable with this time-intensive process because whenever I went to the pool store, other pool owners would voice that they were having the same exact problem. I figured that it was just par for the course and continued to flush chemicals down the proverbial toilet.

I was on Facebook one day and came across an advertisement for the Solar Pool Ionizer. It claimed to keep algae from ever forming and I would cut out 85% of the chlorine that my pool was currently requiring. The price was high on this unit but so were the chemicals that I seemed to be continually pouring into my pool. I decided to give it a try; If it didn’t work, I would just send it back.

The pool ionizer works by utilizing a solar panel that triggers a copper rod to disperse ions into the pool water. These copper ions stop the algae from forming. This is actually a technology developed by NASA to keep their water clean while they are up there, doing their thing.

For those of us focused on emergency preparedness, not only is the pool ionizer ideal for keeping your pool water algae-free in a recreational capacity… But in an emergency scenario, this will bode well when the need for potable water arises.

Is Your Pool Ionizer Legit? (My Follow Up Video)


  • Kills Algae Using Up To 80% Less Chlorine
  • Save $300-500 per year in Chemicals
  • Treats Pools Up To 50K Gallons
  • Works with Saltwater & Chlorine Pools
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

No Pool Cover- NO PROBLEM!

Bottom Line:
If you are in the market for a something that will keep your pool algae free while saving you a ton of time and money on maintenance… Take a look at this Solar Pool Ionizer.

I couldn’t rate this unit high enough! I will keep using this ionizer for many years to come. I only wish that I had found out about it years earlier.

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