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Kettlebells are an Incredible tool to build combative attributes. I say this on a personal level as well as a perspective from a teachers point of view. However, I got into a heated debate on a well known martial art forum.

The topic being discussed was the “limitation” of the kettlebell.

On this thread, there were multiple posts asking about the effectiveness of kettlebell training when it came to the martial art. At Natural Training Center, we believe that movement is movement regardless if it is within a sport, martial art or just everyday life. However, we are fully aware that in order to convey information to various demographics we have to cater the material to their interests so that they will take a closer look.

So we are back to the conversation referenced above. Why did this forums’kettlebell groundwork “kettlebell expert” feel that the kettlebell was limited when it came to enhancing his martial art ability?

This is what I was able to gather (his opinion):

* Kettlebells are only used in 1 Plane of Motion

* Kettlebells Do Not pack on enough muscle for my liking

* Not all gyms or dojo’s have kettlebells

* Kettlebells are ONLY used in a standing position for ballistic work which limits the practitioner

I’ll be honest, these are all valid points. We are always revisiting our ideas and testing to see what works and discarding what does not within my Force Factor Kettlebell program.

Kettlebells are generally used in one plane of motion, in the initial phase of training. But once we own the basics, we then begin to explore and visit all planes of motion within our kettlebell training.

Kettlebells are NOT ideal for today’s sport of bodybuilding.

Can we pack on muscle with kettlebells?

Of course we can, but that is just a by-product of kettlebell practice NOT it’s sole purpose.

It is true that not all gyms nor dojo’s have kettlebells. My answer; Join a gym that does or better yet, avoid the big box locations all together and invest in a kettlebell. It is cheaper in the long run and MUCH BETTER for your all-around health than most equipment found at the gym.

The last point on using kettlebells that I want to explore here today is the thought that kettlebells are only used in the standing position.

Here, I’d Like To Get Into A Bit More Detail.

We perform lots of ground mobility drills within my Force Factor Kettlebell program. I find it to be a must -not just an option- as it pertains to our end goal; Freedom Of Movement.

We can never be one dimensional because that will reflect in our performance or lack thereof, let alone our health.  Bringing our mobility drills down to the ground opens up a plethora of options that would previously not be addressed nor further explored.

Many things that we do as martial artists, athletes or just plain humans have a ground engagement aspect. So if we strive to be versatile combatants, we must learn to engage the ground effectively.

As we progress through my Warrior Zero Project, we begin to add resistance. Kettlebells are our preferred choice when it comes to resistance tools. So the logical progression, once we are comfortable with our groundwork, is to add the kettlebell. The keyword here is progression. If we cannot perform the drill without the kettlebell, then it would not make sense to add a kettlebell when performing these drills. (Revolutionary idea, isn’t it?)

But take a look around at some of the “STUFF” on the Internet and you may wonder why so many kettlebell practitioners have not gotten the memo.

Below if a brief video on some of the kettlebell ground engagement movements that I teach in my Force Reaction Kettlebell program.

Be safe, be smart and take your time. You do not need to rush. We improve with each inch that we move and that is all that matters.

 Kettlebell Groundwork Example:

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Thank you for viewing, I hope that you found this information useful.