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“The Closest That You Will Ever Get To A fight, Without Ever Throwing A Punch.”

What changes can I expect from this program?

Once the fundamentals are dialed in, possibilities are endless for fitness, and physical preparedness. There is not a muscle in the body that is not being trained during the course of this kettlebell program.

Kettlebell training sessions simulate real life activation of the body, where momentum, control, breathing, and power interplay with endurance, body structure, awareness, and proprioception. The weight distribution and ballistics of the kettlebell simulates the pressure faced in combative situations.

Learning how to handle a weight where the center of mass is away from the gripping point is important for your stabilization training and for your neuromuscular connections and overall stability. This will mean better mobility, better strength and greater power generation from any position.

kettlebell combative power

Kettlebell Combative Power has many ballistic movements, so that you are able to get a lot of repetitions under your belt within a short period of time. This trains your fast twitch muscles, as well as your ability to do “work” and generate “power”. The scientific definition of work is the force applied multiplied by the distance the weight covers (Work= Force x Distance, usually shown in units called Joules), and power is how much work you perform divided by the time units (Work/Time, usually shown in Watts). By training to complete more repetitions with good form within a set period of time, you are performing more work in the same time period, with the same number of repetitions, because of the QUALITY of your movement. With this improved quality comes faster improvements in your conditioning and a drastic decrease in your risk of getting injured.

By training your ability to do more work, you are conditioning your Type II fast twitch muscles, which produce more lactic acid. This will increase your anaerobic capacity and allow your body to be able to process lactic acid more effectively. Studies have also shown that high intensity interval training (HIIT) is just as effective for improving VO2max as much longer bouts of steady state cardiovascular exercise (Little et al.). This saves you time, and the load of the kettlebell trains your body to move in ways that will be effective for your physical struggles.

This kettlebell training program will allow your body to, in essence, become a “fat burning furnace” by boosting your resting metabolic rate to higher levels by increasing lean body mass and also through excessive post oxygen consumption (EPOC), which occurs after any form of exercise where your body must operate at a higher than resting metabolic rate to return your system back to a form of resting homeostasis. A targeted, focused kettlebell training session results in a very high EPOC even after the session has ended, allowing for you to continue to burn calories and fat at a high rate post workout.

Why learn from us?

We are strongly focused on fundamentals and we have meticulously prepared this program to help you progress safely and effectively. As I like to say: “Baby steps will get you there the fastest!”

We constantly apply the attributes developed by kettlebells into our practices. Flexibility, endurance, strength, and power are all important attributes of martial arts and combatives. Since we are strongly focused on combatives, kettlebells are a logical and clear extension of that practice. We embody what we preach, we have no time to waste, and we have clear and proven reasons for building our programs the way we do!

We are very strict about our certifications. Our instructors must go through a rigorous process in person, with Coach Helder, before they are trusted and certified to teach independently.

Our protocols within our program are very time efficient, and we progress you steadily and safely. We train all three energy systems of the muscles- the capacity for short bursts of power, anaerobic capacity, and aerobic capacity. The protocols are made up of explosive, full body training exercises for five minutes a round with 60 seconds of recovery in between, and the movements involve the coordination and activation of many large muscle groups and joints at once.

We use it! Kettlebell combatives members, instructors and coaches have used the kettlebell as a tool for rehab, training, and refinement. We feel very comfortable teaching you this program because we use it in our own training. It is a very personal passion for us and not simply one “compartment” of a greater whole, it IS the greater whole. Among our ranks are experienced martial artists, security guards, police officers, and/or military special forces operatives.

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