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When it comes to high intensity workouts that give you the Fat Loss, Mobility and Muscle Tone that you

kettlebell swing guide

want; It All Starts With The Kettlebell Swing! Our Kettlebell Swing Instructional Guide focuses on the basics of kettlebell training. However, our Guide progresses from the very basic in kettlebell training to advanced catch & release drills. If you want to get started with kettlebell training safely or if you want to build upon your Kettlebell Swing, this Guide is what you are looking for.

Our Guide is structured around your schedule and training lifestyle. You can fly though this Guide in under 2 hours (Not Recommended) or you can take a day and even months with each exercise in this Guide. Each exercise contains its own individual, Fully Downloadable, tutorials.

We have 3 sections in our course:
Section 1- Starting Point
Section 2- Intermediate
Section 3- Advanced

Perfect practice is what will get you a great Kettlebell Swing. Take your time with this Guide. Do not progress to the next lesson until you have performed many repetitions of the exercise in your current lesson and feel comfortable enough with your training to progress to the next lesson.

We all progress at different increments; there is no “One size fits All” and this Guide takes that into account.

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