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Original Feature Story in PortugueseAfter São Paulo, Hélder Gomes will be in Chaves, Portugal later this month to train GNR & Army members.

Helder Gomes, combatives instructor and healthy lifestyle advocate, and owner of a (Natural Training Center – NTC) in Carteret, New Jersey, was recently in São Paulo, Brazil, leading a workshop at Team Reis BJJ Academy. He was hosted by, José Raimundo dos Reis, who is a 6th degree black belt in BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu).

Original Feature Story in Portuguese“This workshop in Brazil was due to Bianca Zibordi.

When she was on vacation, visiting the United States, she decided to train with us in our Kettlebell Combatives system. She enjoyed the training and went back to Brazil and informed Master Reis about her experience. Master Reis reviewed our Kettlebell Combatives approach and invited me to run a Kettlebell Combatives workshop at his academy in Sao Paulo.  This was an amazing experience for me. “A few days before the workshop, in conversation with Master Reis, after discussion various topics, we concluded that what we really had in common, regardless of the Martial Art being practiced, was the need for freedom of movement,”

Hélder stated. “We modified one of our Kettlebell Combatives programs to better accommodate Team Reis BJJ and we ran our workshop.” stated Helder Gomes. ”Working with martial artists of this caliber and pedigree is not something that occurs on a daily basis” Hélder Gomes told Luso-

Original Feature Story in Portuguese
Coach Helder With Master Reis

Americano , adding that ”It was an honor to have taught this workshop and that fact that I taught in the Portuguese language made it that much more special for me.” Hélder explained that his training focuses on the correction and the refinement of movement and how it applies to combat.

“The performance Master Reis students was quite impressive,” said Helder, adding that “our mission with Kettlebell Combatives is not change the focus of the martial art preference of students, but rather help them to achieve a higher level in their preferred art by teaching them to refine their natural movements,” stated Helder.

The purpose of Natural Training Center, based in Carteret, NJ is to focus on natural movements, contact with nature, self-reliance, fitness and quality of life; even for people currently living with pain and discomfort. Helder Gomes formed his company in 2008, and teaches a return to principle based training in: self-defense, kettlebells, minimalist running, kettlebell training as well as yoga while interacting with nature.

Team Reis BJJ Academy in Sao Paulo, BrazilThese workshops abroad are not new for Helder, just this year he traveled to the United Arab Emirates, security forces in Abu Dahbi, and more recently he taught in Bamberg, Germany at Deuce Combat Systems Academy in his Kettlebell Combatives system; He returned to the UAE once again, this time in Dubai to work with police and military members on his Kettlebell Combatives system; he was also invited to the University of North Carolina- Greensboro, to work with their student body, for a full week, on sexual assault prevention and self defense.


“Before the end of this year, we have workshops booked in Canada, University of North Carolina, Germany and then back to the UAE,” stated Helder.

Finally, Hélder Gomes will be in Chaves, Portugal this month for a private workshop with the Portuguese GNR and Army personnel. “We will integrate various aspects of our Kettlebell Combatives system for the Portuguese military members,” stated Helder.