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coach helder abu dhabiHelder Gomes dedicates his time to practicing and promoting natural techniques to better physical fitness training, so at the same time one may develop the self-defense skills not only towards potential enemies but also to combat bad eating habits or even a disability. After establishing your Natural Training Center in Cranford, NJ, you recently returned from Abu Dhabi, UAE, where you were training law enforcement special agents, under your natural training method (NTC Method).

1. How did this invitation come about and how long were you in Abu Dhabi, UAE?

I received an email stating that the government had seen our NTC Method online and wanted our NTC Method taught to their Law Enforcement Agents. To be honest, at first I thought that it was one of those International SPAM emails that we get so often, but after going back & forth with my contact I realized that the offer was very real. I had to send over a ton of paperwork as you can imagine. Within a short time span, I received my contract and airplane ticket with my itinerary for a 1 week course on the NTC Method. I was as surprised as everyone else but I was eager for the adventure.

2. What happened at the Natural Training Center of Cranford while you were in Abu Dhabi?

At NTC, our preferred method of training is always in an outdoor venue. However, the weather does not always co-operate with us here in NJ so we needed a physical dojo & a studio to utilize for the winter months. I met Carlos “Bronco” Oliveira who is a BJJ Professor in Cranford NJ. We seemed to have a very similar philosophy and outlook on life especially towards our members. We discussed options and decided to put both of our studio’s in the same building. So far, it has been a great experience. Bronco is the real deal when it comes to BJJ and I only work with the best. I was taught at an early age in the USMC that if I didn’t want to catch fleas, then I shouldn’t hang out with dogs.. I have been looking out for dogs every since. 😉

NTC is an International Tribe. We have members from all over the world. The way that this works is that we all work together within my Warrior Zero Project.

People tend have 3 main excuses when it comes to working on their fitness. BUDGET-TIME-LOCATION

With our online membership area, we addressed all of those concerns and it works well for our member’s and coaches. So when I have to travel, the members still have access to me, our Coaches and all of our material. I am lucky to have Coach John Belkewitch in our Tribe. He is one of the best coaches that we have in our Country and the Tribe loves him. He looks after our tribe whenever I am contracted out to teach which is a blessing.

Part of our job as Coaches is to make our members self-sufficient. If they have to rely on a Coach and or location, then we are giving them excuses to NOT work on their Health when life gets in the way. With NTC we give options, not reasons for excuses. Most organizations out there want you dependent on them. Their business model tends to only work if their clients “marry” into their business. It’s a shame, but it’s reality. I want Healthy Members, not to create a religious loyal following.

3. Helder Gomes created a Natural Training Center, in Cranford, NJ. How is a normal day in that Center?

The best part is that we never tend to know what the day brings. Depending on our monthly schedule, we may be running a Combatives workshop, a kettlebell clinic, a survival trek or giving a seminar on Nutrition. As long as it is part of the NTC Method, it may be on the menu. Our Tribe members are all on completely different levels when it comes to their Health & Fitness. At NTC we focus on teaching principles that are easily adapted into their lifestyle. The more specific, the more rules, the greater chance of failure. There is NO one-size-fits-all when it comes to the human body and we need to address clients as individuals. What we do at NTC is much more specialized. We work on the cause, never the symptom.

4. After building the most beautiful cities in the World, are we returning to nature so we can live without pain?

I never left Nature!! I had to teach in conference & lecture halls as well as

uae coach helder
Coach Helder w/ Dr. Tarek, CEO

Police Academies but I took every opportunity possible to get the Officers outdoors and enjoy their Beautiful city and landscape. Nature greatly enhances what we do and also breaks up the monotony of being in boxes. We go from one box at home to another box in our office. When I have the opportunity to get people outdoors by avoiding yet another box, I jump at that chance and I can feel the change in the students’ energy immediately. It’s amazing what fresh air and a little Vitamin D from the sun can do to our energy and awareness levels.

5. Not everybody has enough available time to be able to enjoy nature. Why can’t the situations we find in nature be recreated in spaces “less natural”, like gyms?

A big focus of what we teach at NTC is lifestyle. How can we teach our students to take their current scenario and make it “Legal” or in this case, better? Once again, we have to delve into the students’ current lifestyle and find where we need to make those changes. It is all about baby-steps, not rushing.

So if the student does not have time for Nature then we need to figure out how to bring Nature to them. It is challenging at times but there is always a solution. Simple things like walking your dog in the morning while having your coffee. Looking at our current snowstorms in NJ as an opportunity for a great workout as opposed to a “bad” thing. When we change the thought process, we change the individual’s outlook on the current situation. Once again, baby-steps.

6. Given the extent of fields your activity covers, we refer those interested to your internet site: (http://WarriorZeroProject.com). In any case, and knowing before hand that each candidate to fitness is a specific case, can you give us some general principles on how to get physically fit?

Within the Warrior Zero Project our focus is teaching movement. The more mobile that our joints and ligaments are, the healthier that the individual becomes and/or remains throughout their lives. If we can teach you on how to move efficiently with the right mechanics, then everything that you do from then on is “working out.” There is no need to find that extra time to workout when the focus on your current, daily movement is to make it perfect each time that you perform it.

As an example, we may sit down 100x per day. We sit in chairs, planes, cars, restaurants etc. Well, what if I can teach you to sit perfectly, resembling a nice strong squat, moving from your core? Well, those 100 perfect repetitions would now be a “workout.” Nature really isn’t that imperfect, we just have to change our way of thinking.

Things are way to complicated out there in the Heath & Fitness world. I tend

uae coach helder
Coach Helder w/ Dr. Tarek, CEO

to think that it’s all about the marketing to sell that product by promising the magic pill. Well, I am here to confirm that there is no magic pill. It takes a lifetime for us to destroy the biomechanics that we were born with. Why would people think that there is an easy fix or magic contraption to fix it all overnight? Your body will adapt fast and you will feel the difference almost immediately. But for those expecting changes overnight, you are setting yourself up for failure. Are we not sick & tired of being… Sick & Tired? Well, stop doing

what you have been doing, it obviously is not sustainable and has not worked for you; we all know the definition on Insanity. Look for something different, look for what makes sense. Get off the treadmill and smell the clean air. You will never look back, it is how we are designed as humans in our animal kingdom. We are not designed to be the shape of a chair. It sounds funny but look round your office and check the postures. Even when we stand, it looks like we are sitting. Not Good.

7. …. And some general principles about healthy eating?

We are very fortunate to have Chef Anthony Moraes as one of our Tribe Leaders who integrates various Nutrition plans and principles into the Warrior Zero Project. Chef Anthony is considered one of the Healthiest Chef’s in NYC.

We do not focus on recipes; we focus on standard principles that can be applied regardless of your chosen lifestyle. People have access to many different types of food, just in America. Some eat meat, some only fish, others just plants. Since our focus is International, the ingredients that we have here are far different to what someone halfway around the world has access to. If we were to give specific recipes and people did not have easy access to those ingredients, we are giving them another excuse to NOT eat healthy. If we give them Principles, those principles can be applied across any chosen dietary lifestyle. Keep it simple and people will have success and enjoy the process by letting them eat what they like, just keep it “Legal” which is one of our principles.

-Take the recipe that you like, take out the bad ingredients and substitute them with tasty, nutrient rich food and you just made it LEGAL while still enjoying your favorite foods.

8. According to the World Health Organization (2013), life expectancy in the United States is 77.4 for men and 82.2 for women. Until what age do you think we could live if, timely, we took good care of our physical fitness?

To worry about our length of time on this earth is not where my focus lies. What I want for me and my Tribe is Quality of life. It is not about living longer, it is about living to the fullest!

For some people, the goal is to run a marathon efficiently; for others, it may be as simple as being able to play with their grandkids without pain & discomfort. We all have different goals when it comes to quality of life. Don’t focus on the length of time, we cannot control that. Focus on making every second count while you are here and present; That, we can control. Quality over quantity wins every time.

Stay motivated and Baby-steps will Always get you to your goals the fastest.