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Here Is My Video Review On The Hard Knuckle Tactical Gloves.

When it comes to tactical gloves, like most personal gear, there is never a one size fits all. Not only are we all built a bit differently, but we also have different missions and uses for gloves. Fortunately… there are plenty of great choices in the current market.

For me, the key to a great tactical glove is the fit.

I want my gloves to be an mold of my hands. I need them to assist me in the mission that I am performing. If the gloves take away much of my sensitivity as well as fine motor skill… They will not be part of my personal gear.

Our gloves, especially when used for tactical purposes, need to be an asset. If we fail to train with our gloves on and/or they fit improperly, they can quickly become a liability.

Recently, I was sent a pair of Tactical Gloves. I put these gloves through my usual review process and found them to be much more comfortable than I had expected.

These gloves have the knuckles re-enforced with plastic. The plastic knuckles are something that I tend to shy away from. They are stiff and aggravate my hands over time. Fortunately, the reinforced knuckles on these Tac XII felt comfortable. If I didn’t look at the gloves, I wouldn’t even notice that the reenforcement was there.

The feel and the grip of these gloves felt natural to me as compared to other gloves that I have tried in the past. Another bonus for people like me, that tend to sweat quite easily, is that there are ventilation holes in the fingers of the gloves. This allows air to circulate which helps to keep my hands dry.


  • Engineered for optimum grip and handling
  • Flame Resistant Fabric
  • Knuckle Guard Re-enforcement protects against abrasion
  • Velcro wrist protects against snag hazards
  • Faux suede palm – Anti -slip.
  • Includes a Storage buckle

Bottom Line:

If you are in the market for tactical gloves, take a look at these Tac XII’s. They may be a good fit for your needs.

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Thank you for viewing, I hope that you enjoyed this review.