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Help support my mission by becoming an Elite Squadron member!

What Does The Elite Squadron Membership Entail?

When I started my Warrior Zero Project, I wanted an exclusive place to share additional content with those that truly want to get the most out of my training sessions.

In addition, I also wanted a place where I can “Speak Freely” -away from the public eye where censorship tends to prevail…

I wanted a private forum where I can share info ranging from my favorite beer to posting detailed tutorials; helping our members solidify the skills that they are working on.

I continually strive to add value to our $25 monthly membership.

  • Discounts from vendors that I work with
  • Personalized answers to members on my podcast
  • Discounts on my programs.
  • and a hell of a lot more

If you want to join me on my mission, which is all about Self Reliance, Give my Elite Squadron membership a try.

Keep in mind that we don’t have to agree with everything that our members post on our private forum, But… You Will Have To Respect Everyone by treating them the way that you want to be treated.

ONE RULE: the “anonymous $h!t” does not work here. Anyone with an agenda, other than sharing and learning from each other, will be bounced from this forum- In A Heartbeat!

With that being said, I hope to work and share with you in our Elite Squadron!


Once you subscribe via PayPal, be sure to create an account on the private forum that you will be forwarded to. Include your PayPal address in the description field. I will then approve your account as soon as possible.