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Here Is My Video Review On The Mosquito Netting:

Comfort is something that is difficult to come by in survival and emergency situations. Even during a simple trek with my NTC Members, being comfortable often takes a backseat to completing the mission. However, if we prepare ahead of time, the little things often bring relaxation at times where it is needed the most. Focusing on the purpose of each piece of gear that you add you your survival kit is imperative. You need to have multiple uses for each piece that you choose to carry as well as the skill-set to use it. As you carefully choose your gear, consider added-comfort as part of your checklist.

When it comes to sleeping gear, without comfort, there is usually not much quality sleep involved. We need our sleep and restoration time in order to be at our best during emergency or even recreational scenarios. If we are tired, irritated & dragging ass.. we tend to become a liability rather than an asset to the mission & others involved. Even if we are just out there having fun and practicing skills, we need to be well rested or it will be difficult to learn and retain information. One thing that keeps me awake at night, literally, are mosquitos. The buzzing in my ears alone is enough to drive me MAD!

Luckily, one thing that helps a lot during the critter infested season is mosquito netting. One of the types that I tend to carry in my go kit is the Military Issued Mosquito Netting Barrier. I was first issued this type of mosquito netting in the U.S. Marines. It is durable and made to last which is a must when my dogs are around. I usually have my dogs with me in the field and they like using this mosquito netting as a barrier. When I see that they are getting bothered at our basecamp, I usually setup the netting to give them some R&R from the critters.  This mosquito netting can also be used as a good base for cover & concealment. Multi-purpose is always key when choosing gear that you decide to carry with you.

Be sure to clean up the area where you plan on setting up your mosquito netting. If you set up your netting and gear on grounds that are infested with critters, you are going to trap them in there with you. I like to use a natural insect repellent that I put together with one of our NTC Members, Anthony. I use this repellent because it works, is all natural and only has 3 ingredients. I spray in on whatever I use to anchor down the sides on the netting (logs, rocks, sandbags, etc.) and along the perimeter of my setup. You are always going to get a critter or 3 in there with you but the purpose is to keep the majority out. If you are interested in seeing my video tutorial on making your own natural insect repellent, click on this link to access it:

Click HERE for the Natural Insect Repellent Recipe!


  • U.S. Military Field Mosquito Net
  • Genuine Surplus Made in the USA
  • Measures 61x28x64
  • Mildew Resistant
  • Color: Olive Green
  • Weight: 1.9lbs
  • Frameless
  • 12 reinforced attachment straps
  • Dimensions (roughly) 61″ long x 28″ wide x 64″ high

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