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I recently purchased a new truck. As you can imagine, I am splurging on some accessories for my new vehicle. I want it protected from the elements but I also want it as secure as possible. One thing that I find that gives me peace of mind while limiting my liability is a good dash camera (dash cam.) A dash cam will always tell the real story whether it involves theft, altercations with others and even during encounters with law enforcement. Knowing that I have unedited footage to help me tell my side of the story or to help provide valid information for countless scenarios, adding a dash cam to my new truck was near the top of my list.

I have a body camera that I use when working security gigs. I remember seeing that the company, My Geko Gear, also had dash cams on their website. I went back to their site and took a look at their selection. I came across the Orbit 940 UHD 4K dash cam and it seemed to contain all the specifications that I was looking for. I placed my order and waited eagerly, for it to arrive.

My dash cam arrived and right from the unboxing, this dash cam felt like it was real deal. It had quality components and came with every accessory that I would need, and then some. I hooked it up to an external battery, just to begin to play around. The menu and buttons were easy to navigate and all these cool features were bundled in a small and attractive form factor. I began looking through the provided manual and noticed that there was an app. I downloaded the app and now… the ease of accessing all the features just multiplied by 100.

I tested the Orbit 960 for 2 straight weeks and was extremely impressed with its performance. It does what it is supposed to do very well and has plenty of extras for those that need a little more. I was impressed with the body cam that I received from My Geko Gear and I must say, I am even more impressed with this dash cam.


  • 4K UHD VIDEO & SONY STARVIS SENSOR: The Orbit 960 can record videos at a resolution of 3840 x 2160p at 30 fps. With this new super high definition quality, you’ll be able to see much more clarity in the quality of video even when you’re driving at a high speed. Empowered with the Sony Starvis sensor the Orbit 960 will render a well-lit and clear video in low light situations such as nighttime. No longer will you need to worry about missing those small important details such as license plates.
  • GPS LOGGING: GPS logging will record the accurate speed and location information from the dash cam when the car is in motion. This can become vital information in pinpointing the exact location where an incident happened which can be crucial in an insurance claim.
  • LANE DEPARTURE WARNING SYSTEM:The lane departure warning system is advanced safety technology that will warn drivers going at 40 mph once they start drifting from their lane. Keep in mind this does not help you operate the vehicle but to better help drivers promote better driving habits.
  • SUPPORTS 512GB WITH 16GB INCLUDED: The Orbit 960 supports up to 512GB of external storage, so there is no need to worry about limited space for footage. Additionally, A 16GB microSD card is included in the package, so you’ll be set to install the Orbit 960 in your car and start recording.
  • FRONT COLLISION: The front collision warning system is an advanced safety technology that helps you maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you. The driver will be alerted when they get too close to the car in front.


If you need a good dashboard camera, with some of the best features in its class, certainly take a look at this Orbit 960 by My Geko Gear.

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