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We had a kick ass time in Germany. Head Coach from DCS, Chris Streit, hosted me for a 2-day workshop on our latest kettlebell program “Kettlebell Combatives Power.”

Below is a rough translation of an article published by the University of Bamberg on our workshop as well as the overall, NTC Method.

Click here for the Original Article in German:

“In collaboration with the University of Bamberg, the ASC Burgberg tests new training concepts for an endurance sports club in his daily training mode (THX/natural-training / combat fitness). This ASC head coach Jürgen Steinmetz and ASC gymnastics trainer Ulrike Knoth participated in a special event in Bamberg. For the first time, kettlebell Master Trainer Helder Gomes from the United States on the occasion of the 10 year anniversary of schools by KALI-head coach Chris Streit in Bamberg gave an introduction to the kettlebell training. The method of Helder Gomes is in contrast of to coach helder gomes teaching in bamberg, germanytraditional fitness trends with kettlebells as E.g. “Crossfit” not on the number of repetitions, but on good form and ‘proper’ execution of the exercises. This ensures sustainable success of training with respect to the health of the user. Remains of ex-marine Helder Gomes melee trainers of various S.W.A.T – teams of the New York police and the police of Abu Dhabi also he is one of the world’s leading “kettlebell”-coach. About effective close combat techniques in the street fighting Chris dispute and Helder Gomes granted an impressive insight the participants also in connection to the Kettlebelltraining. In contrast to the BUDO sports (such as judo, karate, music), there are no rules there, but only effectiveness.”

Some Video Footage from our workshop:

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