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Nutrition Principles: What You Need To Know About Your Food
We both know that proper nutrition is a must if we plan to bode well in life, let alone in an emergency situation. Unfortunately, many people find it easier to learn to speak a new language than to address all the current misinformation on proper nutrition. We certainly cannot trust the food industry that spends more money on deceiving the public than making our food nutritious. When it comes to trusting guidelines put out by our government… Let’s just say that our health is certainly not a priority to those that are making the decisions for us.

We have various government agencies, whose job it is to keep public health as their main concern, favoring politicians and interest groups’ agendas over our health. We literally have individuals heading up our government agencies that were executives in private companies… That they are now entrusted to protect us against. I realize that this sounds like a bad soap opera, but it doesn’t make it any less true.

Nutrition makes up a big part of my overall NTC Method. However, most of our members have completely different diets from each other. We have members ranging from Raw Vegans to others that are focussed on eating according to the Paleolithic era. As you can see, there are extremes on both sides of the coin. In the middle, we have the majority of our NTC Members that stick with the SAD (Standard American Diet) approach to eating. When the choices in food vary so greatly, how can we possibly work hand in hand towards the goal of eating healthy?

Follow Principles Not Specific Diets!

Nutrition Principles: What You Need To Know About Your Food

What I ended up integrating into our NTC Method is a set of nutrition principles. Instead of focussing on a one size fits all approach to healthy eating, I felt that it was better to integrate a few nutrition principles that would serve as guidelines. Nutrition principles can be used across the board without being limited by specific dietary choices. The key here is to keep everything as simple as possible when it comes to conveying the information. The more that we complicate things, the less success that those wanting a healthier lifestyle will have.

I would like to share some of the nutrition principles that my NTC Members and I follow in order to make better decisions when it comes to our food choices.

Let’s Delve Right Into Our NTC Nutrition Principles…

Make It Legal:

Nutrition Principles: What You Need To Know About Your Food

Over the years, I had various members explain to me that they truly miss eating their favorite foods. Obviously, these foods that they are referencing did not offer much in regards to proper nutrition. My answer to them is always to “reverse engineer” the meal in question and to make it legal. One of the foods that always seems to top this list is pizza; so let’s go ahead and use it as an example on how to make it legal.

The key with pizza or any questionable food is to substitute the ingredients that the recipe calls for with other quality and nutritious ingredients. With pizza, we may opt for replacing standard dough with a multi-grain crust that is gluten free. We can replace the sugar ladened tomato sauce with one that you made from scratch utilizing no sugar or adding raw honey to the recipe instead. We can replace the preservative filled toppings with fresh veggies and/ or hormone free, free range meats. The same goes for the cheese… Get rid of the mass produced cheese and opt for a cleaner, locally farmed cheese.

The choices are endless when it comes to your version of making it legal. What truly matters here is that you replaced ingredients that are detrimental to your health with better choices. The result is a tasty meal, that mimics what you were craving, without any of the guilt.

Read The Ingredients:

Nutrition Principles: What You Need To Know About Your Food

When it comes to the information that appears on food packaging, let’s just say that it has everything to do with marketing and very little to do with your health. Food companies are allowed to basically state whatever they want on the packaging and utilize generic words like, “all natural” and “sourced from mother earth.” The real truth is that that the actual food contained in the packaging is more of a chemistry experiment than actual food.

The one label that we can actually trust in the U.S.A. is the nutritional facts chart. On that label, there is also a list of all the ingredients that are contained in that package. Keep in mind that the order of ingredients directly correlates to how much of that ingredient is contained in the food. If the first ingredient is sugar, then you know that the food is primarily made up of sugar. Never trust what is written on the package itself, stick with the nutritional facts label.

Nutrition Principles: What You Need To Know About Your Food

While we are on the subject… If there are ingredients that you cannot pronounce, then my suggestion would be to put that food back on the shelf. Eating cleanly should not require us to possess a PhD in chemistry. 😉

Eat Mostly Plant Based Meals From Fresh Whole Foods:

Nutrition Principles: What You Need To Know About Your Food

Plant based meals are easily assimilated into the body. What that means to you is that your body will spend less time digesting food and more time repairing itself. The more foreign ingredients that we put into our bodies, refined foods as an example, the more time that our bodies need to devote to breaking down these foreign ingredients. When we consume lightly cooked, plant based meals, our body extracts those much needed vitamins and minerals without the need of taxing our digestive system in ways that other foods do.

The other benefit of consuming mainly plant based meals is that we will feel satiated (full) which enables us to consume less calories. When our food is devoid of nutrition, our body continues to want more because it has yet to be satisfied from a nutritional standpoint. This leads to overeating… Usually resulting in unwanted weight gain. In an emergency situation, this will negatively affect us because we will require greater food storages to meet our demands. To put it in layman’s terms… you are consuming more and netting much less when it comes to your nutritional intake.

We Vote Every Time That We Shop:

Nutrition Principles: What You Need To Know About Your Food

One of the concerns that get posed to me is that eating healthy is far more expensive than just stopping by the local fast food joint and ordering off of the dollar menu. In many instances, this argument is valid. But as we previously discussed, consuming greater number of nutritious food enables us to eat less. As people focussed on preparedness, we need to maintain optimum health is we wish to bode well during a crisis. If we go into an emergency scenario “sick” things will only go downhill from there.

In order to keep the nutritious food affordable and coming into our local markets, we need to understand that we vote every time that we shop. Grocery stores and local markets are in existence to make a profit for themselves as well as their stockholders. They have very little interest in yours or your family’s health. Since we understand this game that we play, we need to be aware of our purchasing decisions. If we stop buying inferior food and begin choosing healthier alternatives, the grocery store will begin to carry what you just “voted for” at the register.

Nutrition Principles: What You Need To Know About Your Food

If you buy food filled with garbage, then you are telling the management at the grocery store to stock their shelves with more garbage. Take a stand and realize that you vote every time that you shop… And in this case, your vote truly counts.

Eat When You Are Hungry:

Nutrition Principles: What You Need To Know About Your Food

Once again, the misinformation runs amuck, when it comes to the times of the day, that we should be consuming our meals. We all are bombarded with ideas such as breakfast being the most important meal. We are also told that we shouldn’t eat after 9pm. It is true that for some people, these words ring very true. But as an overall principle, we should eat when we are hungry. It’s seems like a simple idea and that is because it truly is.

Each individual is different. What may work well for one may be a terrible idea for another. We all have different timetables and needs when it comes to our nutrition. If we “force” ourselves to eat when we aren’t very hungry, then we will probably consume even more calories when we are actually hungry. Keep in mind that I am referring to meals not continual snacking. If we follow this principle, along with other nutritional principles mentioned in this article, we will maintain our energy levels. By maintaining our energy levels, we will always be at our peak regardless of the mission and uncertainties that lie ahead of us.

Make It A Lifestyle Not A Religion:

Nutrition Principles: What You Need To Know About Your Food

I have seen quite a few people over the years experiment with a new diet, and within a few weeks, completely commit to it. It doesn’t take long for them to go around touting their new diet as the most amazing choice in the world! In addition, the fact that you are not yet on it, makes you inferior to their supreme choices. As expected, the friends become irritated by this form of belittlement and tend to avoid the information that could have benefitted them.

I understand that when something works, we want to tell everyone that we care for about it. We want them participating and reaping the rewards along side us. However, as you can tell from the example above, you need to be tactical about it. You can enlighten your friends and family about your new dietary lifestyle by revealing your results. Unfortunately, many that become fully engulfed in a new lifestyle tend to treat it as a religion.

Unfortunately, many of these people get so engulfed in their new chosen dietary lifestyle, that they neglect any new factual information that comes their way. There is a time and place for everything but we need to keep our health as the main goal. When it comes to your health, stick with the facts and always keep an open mind. Most of the time, if we take the time to listen, we do find a better way to address things that we felt were already, ideal.

Bottom Line:

Nutrition Principles: What You Need To Know About Your Food

These are just a few of the principles that we follow within Natural Training Center. We have many more nutritional principles within our NTC Method. Just like much of the advice in this article, we are always looking for better ways to address our diet. We are continually tweaking our existing principles as new clinical studies bring us deeper insight. At times, we may feel all alone when it comes to choosing a healthier lifestyle. But keep in mind that there are countless dietary lifestyles that are great for you. All that you really have to do is find the one that works for you.