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If you have followed my channels over the past 15 years or so, you know by now that I am a big fan of minimalist footwear. I prefer being barefoot whenever I can but that is not always a possibility for various reasons. One of the reasons that tops that list for me are dressy occasions. I have owned various pairs on minimalist dress shoes but many of them have much to be desired when it comes to the look.

As my friends would say… Bro, you look like a clown with those shoes on.

Recently, I received a pair of mens minimalist dress shoes by OAKA. These shoes have all the features that I look for in a minimalist shoe but they also has another appeal to them; they actually look good!

Minimalist shoes tend to offer a wide toe-box which is ideal for letting your toes splay and move naturally. However, that is what gives most of the minimalist dress shoes that ‘clown’ look that many of my friends love to bring up. But with OAKA, they managed to keep a dress shoe look while still allowing your toes to move naturally because of the flexible fabric used in this shoe.


  • Zero Drop- OAKAs have a zero drop inner sole allowing you to walk as if barefoot rather than with an unhealthy heel.
  • Faux Heel- We developed a shoe mold that gives the typical dress shoe look from the outside but in fact is actually a faux heel derived from special cut outs allowing your foot to stay flat to the ground.
  • Flexible- The whole shoe is soft and flexible for comfort and foot mobility. It’s easily become our favorite travel shoe.
  • The upper is made from flyknit fibers that help reduce production waste compared to more traditional cut & sew manufacturing processes.
  • Mobility- We also made OAKAs anti-slip through a hidden open tread outer sole and a slip on, mostly because laces are annoying, but also for speed. Oh and they’re machine washable making them ready for any adventure.
  • Anti-Slip- OAKAs have an innovative anti-slip open tread outer sole that utilizes our specialized faux heel cutouts as a way to drain water out and prevent hydroplaning like you’d find in a traditional dress shoe without you being able to see the treads from the outside like with a sneaker.
  • Slip On- Laces can be necessary but are often just annoying to deal with on a constant basis, so we made the whole shoe an easy slip on.
  • Machine Washable- OAKAs are completely machine washable making them ready for travel and any adventure.


If you are in the market for a minimalist dress shoe, that looks and feels great for practically any occasion, definitely take a look at these dress shoes by OAKA.

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