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Here Is My Video Review On The Off-Grid Gear Paracord Bracelet:

I often get sent paracord bracelets to review. Unfortunately, the majority of the features on these bracelets are useless. To be honest, many of the concepts are on point but when I put them through my routine they come up short. To sum it up, if the paracord bracelet seems to have something different to offer but falls short during my tests, I will go ahead and review it for the manufacturer but the review never goes live on my website because – it took me a lifetime to earn my credibility & an inferior product, approved by me, it certainly not worth the free gear. Also, to be honest, why waste your & my time reviewing a product that I’m going to tell you is garbage? “Ain’t Nobody got time for ‘dat!”

Recently I was sent an Off-Grid Gear Paracord Bracelet to Review. From what I stated above, you know that I was skeptical from the get-go. But after communicating with the manufacturer & seeing that they seemed to  pay serious attention to detail, I was intrigued. Put it this way.. They even offer a 100% Lifetime-Warranty, Tells you something about the company, doesn’t it? I noticed some features on this paracord bracelet that stood out as great accessories to my standard survival kit. But would those features stand up to my needs?

This Off-Grid bracelet has a flint/steel fire starter, compass, bottle opener & even a whistle. I put each feature through it’s paces in my video review. I was impressed that everything seemed to work & work well. I would never use any of these items in this paracord bracelet as my primary choice but this bracelet is a mini survival kit in itself. It’s good to know that if I misplace, get an item “borrowed”, exhaust it’s use or just forget it at home, I still have a viable backup in a simple, accessorized, way.

If you want to add a cool backup mini-survival kit to your gear or want to wear a fully functional paracord bracelet, then take a look at this Off-Grid Paracord Bracelet. It may be a perfect addition to your preparedness needs.


  • SUPER STRONG: 12′ feet of 550 pound test Paracord rope.
  • LIFE SAVING: Multifuntional with WaterproofCompass/Fire Starter/Whistle/Bottle Opener.
  • STYLE & FUNCITION: 4 colors to choose from, fits a 7″-8″ wrist, or buckel to your backpack
  • 10″ Inches Total Length
  • Built In Whistle
  • Flint & Steel Fire Starter
  • Bottle Opener
  • Waterproof Compass

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