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Here Is My Video Review of the ONNIT Hemp Force:

IF you want a complete, clean, FOOD that will sustain you when you need to be On The Go, the Onnit Hemp Force protein is definitely a viable choice.

My First Impression?
Good To Go!

When I was out in the field often with our Natural Training Center Tribe Members, we need our nutrition while we are on the move. Our food needs to be easily digested, packed with nutrition and simple to implement while in the field. Another important aspect which is sometimes overlooked -for the benefit of our nutritional needs- the Taste! The taste of this Onnit Hemp Force (ChocoMaca) is unbelievable! While consuming the first few shakes, I kept re-reading the ingredients because it felt like I was cheating.. Or as we say within the NTC Method, it didn’t taste “Legal.

Hemp FORCE Protein

Onnit Hemp Force Review
Onnit Hemp Force Ingredients


  • Easily assimilated into the body (Vegan & Plant Based)
  • Dissolves easily in water (perfect for on the go meals)
  • Excellent protein source (Hemp based)
  • No bloating nor gas
  • Simple cleanup (important when on the move or in the field)
  • Amazing Taste!
  • Stores well for months
  • Nutrition with No Prep Work, No Cooking
  • Great MRE Choice
    (Meal Ready to Eat)
  • Packed with Nutrition & Anti-oxidants (Refer to nutrition label)
  • Lightweight & Portable (Ideal for On the Go)

Give the Onnit Hemp Force a try & let me know what you think.
I hope that you found this post informative. If you have any questions, please comment below & I will try to help.

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