ONNIT Kettlebell Review for Physical Conditioning

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Here Is My Video Review On The Onnit Kettlebells:

When it comes to preparing yourself, physically, for any emergency situation it will be tough to find one tool more complete than the kettlebell. If you want to know more about kettlebell training, you can visit my Kettlebell Combatives website.

I have wanted to review the ONNIT kettlebells for a while now & today I finally got the chance to do just that.

There are excellent choices out there when it comes to kettlebells. I have reviewed a few of the other manufacturers in the past but we are always looking for the best options for our NTC Tribe members.

The ONNIT kettlebells have a couple of characteristics that are different than other “hard style” kettlebells that are available on the market.

  • A wider (space) and deeper handle than most
  • Handle width increases as the bell gets heavier (up to 24kg)
  • Very little sanding needed on the handle to get rid of imperfections & burrs
  • 100% cast-iron, no plastic bottom
  • No outer coating that chips away
  • Great kettlebell packages at discounted prices (1-3 kettlebells)
  • Super Fast Shipping (even with Ground option)
  • Various monthly specials ran by Onnit (discounts. free shipping, etc.)
  • Great customer service

If you found this review helpful amd decide to pick up an Onnit kettlebell, please click  on the link below to help support this website:

Click HERE To Get Your Onnit Kettlebell(s)!

Thank you for viewing. I hope that you found this review helpful.

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