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Here Is The Review On My Favorite Recovery Drink:

I don’t generally recommend nutritional supplements. But when I find something that is above board, I like to share it.

I’m always looking for an advantage, a legal edge, in my training and fitness. Something that will work for me as well as my Warrior Zero Project Members. I spend a great deal of time in the field testing gear and gathering information. Humping all that gear around for miles on end, definitely takes a toll on the body. Making tea out in the field is a way that I address anti inflammation as well as consuming a tasty and refreshing drink. Organifi GOLD review

A while back, a good friend gave me this GOLD drink to try. I trusted this guy so I knew this had to be something different. I actually looked forward to having that first drink once I got home.

-The first thing that I noticed was the taste. It was smooth, creamy, with a pumpkin-spice bite. It’s delicious.

-I also felt a bit more focused than I did in general. I am often “plugged-In” a lot more than I want to. But in order for me to convey the information to my members, I need to be able to communicate with them. Between blogs, message boards, forums, groups… My mind is always scattered. After using the GOLD drink, Things just seemed clearer.

-Another benefit is that my sleep is much deeper. I generally do not have trouble sleeping, but this sleep seemed different. I woke up more energized, even before my usual cups of black coffee.

-Super easy to make, hot water or milk & stir!

As I read into the ingredients in the GOLD, I noticed that it was packed with nutritious and clean ingredients. It was all plant based and easily assimilated into my body. It also didn’t tax my digestive system so my body was free to devote all of it’s concern to restoring and repairing my body.

The combination of ingredients are key in aiding the body with recovery. Within my Warrior Zero Project, movement and exercise is the focus. But the MAGIC happens during our recovery. When we sleep, our body rebuilds what we “beat up” during our physical day. The greater the quality rest or sleep period is, the better that the body can restore itself.

I was just in Portugal and did a lot of hiking with my wife and friends. We were very physical during the day and also took full advantage of the night life. At times… A little too much.

Using the GOLD tea both on the trail and before I went to sleep, allowed me to get quality rest, even when the total sleep hours were at a minimum.

To be honest, when I drank one of these teas in the morning… The hangovers were non-existent. Not a bad by-product of using the Gold.

Bottom Line:

If you want to gain focus, get deeper sleep and recovery much quicker… Take a close look at this GOLD by Organifi.

I use it daily to super-charge my workouts and highly recommend it to my Warrior Zero Project Members. Especially for those that want to be on the Accelerated Track. If you give it a try, I’m sure that you won’t be disappointed.

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