Own the Basics of Kettlebell Juggling with The Kettlebell Over/ Under Swing

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Catch & Release -kettlebell juggling- drills are a big part of our kettlebell practice within my Warrior Zero Project (WZP). Not only are these drills Fun and keep the monotony away, but the attributes gained from this type of practice are what keep us playing.

kettlebell over under swingThe Kettlebell Over/Under Swing is an exercise that we came up with to get the beginner comfortable with transferring the bell from hand to hand. Throughout the exercise our hands stay very close to the Bell even when the kettlebell is released; floating. This allows our WZP members to experiment and become comfortable with C&R drills without experiencing much fear.

Please keep in mind that our WZP members focus on the kettlebell swing and the drills in our Force Factor Kettlebell Training before they even contemplate practicing C&R drills. If they do not own the Swing, there is absolutely no reason to progress to C&R drills. As Always, baby-steps will get you there the fastest

If you feel that your kettlebell Swing is Good to Go, give this drill a try. Stay safe, be confident and Always think Safety First!


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