diamond ham radio antenna review

Review of the Comet SBB-224 Antenna for Emergency Mobile Communications

Here Is My Video Review On The Comet Antenna: I spend a lot of time testing, preparing and planning my emergency communication setup at home. I am always learning better and more efficient ways to operate in disaster situations when the circumstances allow me to “bug in.” But what happens when the SHTF situation dictates […]

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Team Reis BJJ Academy in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Luso-Americano Newspaper Interviews Coach Helder About His Resent Workshop In Sao Paulo, Brazil

LUSO-AMERICANO SELF-DEFENSE & COMBATIVES INSTRUCTOR After São Paulo, Hélder Gomes will be in Chaves, Portugal later this month to train GNR & Army members. BY: MARIA DO CARMO PEREIRA LUSO-AMERICANO Helder Gomes, combatives instructor and healthy lifestyle advocate, and owner of a (Natural Training Center – NTC) in Carteret, New Jersey, was recently in São […]

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