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Whenever I am not on the trail I enjoy other outdoor activities, especially with my less-adventurous friends. For mini-outings with my buddies, having a cooler with us is always a must. Whether it is keeping our soft drinks and food cool, or even more importantly, keeping our beer at the right temperature… A good cooler is certainly a plus when it comes to maximizing our enjoyment together.

Lately, some of the bigger name cooler companies have voiced their opinion on their lack of support for the 2nd Amendment. I firmly believe that every company should have a right to run things however they deem fit. However, I also have the right to NEVER purchase any of their goods nor services as long as they maintain those practices. One good Google search and I came across an ice cooler company that I can stand behind. That company is rightfully called, PATRIOT.

Not only does PATRIOT donate 20% of their net proceeds to a non-profit organization -Homes For Our Troops, but they also offer a 15% discount to all active duty and honorably discharged Veterans. That alone justifies me doing business with PATRIOT but they also happen to have an amazing product. I have owned various ice coolers throughout the years but none of them could even come close to the construction that this PATRIOT cooler offers.


  • Sweat-Free Design
    No condensation on outside.

  • Patriotism
    Inspired by the American flag.

  • Quick Drain System
    Easy flow drain spout to drain water, keeps ice in place.

  • Rotomolded Construction
    Built to withstand the toughest conditions.

  • Molded Side Handles
    For balanced heavy load lifting.

  • Bear Resistant
    Designed to keep unwanted guests out.

  • Keeps Ice up to 5 Days
    Like a portable freezer.

  • Measurement Guide
    Embossed 17″ ruler on lid to measure your prized catches.

  • Heavy-duty Rubber Latches
    Requires no hardware and keeps the lid secured.

  • Steel Handle
    Stainless-steel handle locks into place for a comfortable grip.

  • Temperature Retention
    Built for Maximum Temperature Retention with up to 3” insulated walls.

  • Non-slip Lid
    The perfect platform to cast off into the ocean.

  • Freezer-grade Rubber Gasket
    Commercial-grade Rubber Gasket makes a perfect seal.

  • Built-in Rubber Feet
    Non-slip rubber feet built-in to the cooler.


  • 20 Quarts
  • 24 Cans
  • 20lbs of Ice
  • 5 Gallons


  • Camping
  • Fishing
  • Hunting
  • Sports
  • Trucking
  • BBQ’s
  • Tailgating

Bottom Line:

If you are in the market for a quality cooler, that is built by a company that stands behind out Veteran & Military community, definitely take a look at this one by PATRIOT. I am certainly a fan and will continue doing business with PATRIOT for as long as they keep standing behind their products.

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